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St. Petersburg International Economic Forum; 27 years of continuity
Habibullah Danishyar / Forums and festivals of a regional and international nature continue to be held in Russia throughout the year, unaffected by the circumstances surrounding Russia, since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine more than two years ago.
After a large pile of Western sanctions imposed on Russia and the attempts to isolate Moscow with the aim of turning Russia into a pariah state in the world, it doesn’t seem that all that succeeded in implementing what was required.
In any case, its illogical and practically unthinkable to block Russia, the largest country in the world with massive area of more than 17 million square kilometers, as Russia also almost the only country in the world in terms of self-sufficiency for all life’s needs.
During the past years, the Russian government's direction has been towards strengthening its international relations, especially restoring the momentum of its international relations with a large segment of the world's countries to the way it was during the golden age of the Soviet Union.
One of the most important tools in Moscow's arsenal to achieve this goal was joining and establishing organizations of a regional and international nature, both economically and politically, while giving the issue of strengthening international peace and security the utmost importance, thus becoming an emblem for a new phase in a multipolar world.
Through this, the idea was to hold annual conferences, forums and festivals, filling the months of the year, so that today we find the calendar of events and forums hosted by Russia full and constantly being added to.
During the past 26 years, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has been the pinnacle of international events that take place in Russia every summer.
The International Economic Forum, which is held annually in the historic city of St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia, overlooking the Baltic Sea, has become one of the largest and most important commercial and economic events in the world.
This year, the forum will be held during the first week, from the fifth to the eighth of next June.
Over the past 26 years, the Forum has strengthened its position as a leading international event focusing on key issues on the global economic agenda.
The basis of the idea of ​​holding it was to provide a distinguished platform for participants to exchange best practices and experiences in the field of sustainable development.
Since 1997, SPIEF has remained an important international event, and the status of the forum was strengthened in 2005 after it began to be held under the direct sponsorship of the Russian President, who since 2005 has been present at every event.
The forum continued to be held on an annual basis, and it achieved successive successes year after year.
It also managed to overcome the period of the Covid epidemic, and remained an important occasion that brings together major international companies that wish to strengthen their international presence and benefit from the endless investment opportunities provided by a country of the size and potential of Russia, which has an infinite aspects in all fields and in all specializations.
The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has remained an unparalleled space for dialogue and the establishment of business relations, as it provides an opportunity to find new partners with the aim of securing business growth, both within Russia and around the world.
Through the forum, participants in its activities are provided with great capabilities to expand the circle of customers and suppliers, meet with key decision makers, raise challenging issues and be part of research sessions with decision makers to overcome any obstacle standing in the way of mutual economic prosperity, on the basis of bridging the distance between economic and trade makers with political decision makers.
If the principle of the impossibility of separating economics from politics is true, then there must be a platform that possesses endless capabilities and opportunities that allow for strengthening international cooperation in the fields of economics and integrating political interests with economic gains, ensuring that all emerge winner from this deal.
Since an annual event of this size requires huge media coverage, the forum attracted the attention of the media and investors who became annual guests, with new guests arriving to the forum’s activates every year.
Since the language of numbers is what determines the reality of achievement, it suffice to say that in last year’s forum (SPIEF 2023) more than 17,000 guests from 130 countries participated, whether in direct personal presence or through the Internet via direct Video communication, and the forum was nothing but a success.
In completing the signing of more than 900 agreements with a total value of 3,860 billion rubles (about 43 million dollars), including 43 agreements with representatives of foreign companies, including two companies from Italy and Spain, and this number includes only agreements of a nature that doesn’t constitute a trade secret.
Holding the forum in its 27th time this year constitutes a new challenge for Russia, confirming the impossibility of being influenced by all attempts of isolation and sanctions that a number of Western countries, most notably the United States, have sought to impose on Russia, in order to continue the behavior of the same pressure policies that are essentially linked to the aggressive view that the West holds in anyway against Russia, at a stage in which Moscow had no choice but to adopt policies and a methods that was compatible with and defended the country’s interests and national security, despite the fact that the Russian economy was affected by the consequences of isolation and sanctions that had never been imposed on a nation before, as a list includes Western sanctions are imposed on Russia on almost everything.
If these sanctions were imposed on the United States, for example, the 50 stars on its flag would be scattered in the sea months after such sanctions were imposed.
During the past few years, issues such as searching for solutions to supply chains and access to new natural resources that support industry in the world have constituted urgent necessities to meet the growing global demand for the provision of products and thus increase job opportunities, raise people’s standards of life, and eliminate poverty, especially in resource-rich countries such as the African continent and the countries of Latin America, which the United States and the remnants of the defunct European colonial states continued to plunder without deterrence, turning them into a testing ground for their crimes.
Today, it’s no longer permissible to continue allowing these aggressive countries to exert pressure and blackmail these countries, as the US continued to use carrot-and-stick policies with the countries of the developing world, exercising political pressure on them and wielding the sword of bans and sanctions on them, if they say no, and on the other hand, showing a humanitarian image that is no less ridiculous than the policy of imposing sanctions on countries, by providing crumbs of what it calls “humanitarian aid” or shining the spotlight of its media on some of its celebrities, including actors, singers, and media figures, who are carrying out “humanitarian” efforts at a time when these same people live different lifestyles, and has nothing to do with humanity to begin with, at a time when we find people in the world being killed as victims of epidemics and the West's economic greed, not to mention those who fall under tons of Made in USA bombs, while defending their rights in the face of barbaric entities that have embodied a new concept of racism and state terrorism.
Today, the need for a just global system that balances the scale of Justice has become an urgent necessity to give the world decades of life in peace.
Therefore, the need has come for more windows of communication between countries of the world that seek to strengthen the independence of their national decisions from the deviant international community that has prevailed in the world in the past three decades, especially with the fact that the structure of this society was shaken due to earthquakes that tested all its false values, which most people, even within Western European countries and the United States, have become aware of.
The state of weight loss that is affecting the United States and the Western countries that follow it like a blind herd has become a responsibility for the countries of the world, so that they can develop among themselves a new vacuum theory that restores balance to the international arena, and therefore the existence of international forums and groups of an economic and security nature brings countries together; Whoever has the independence of his decision, has become more of a duty than a passing event.
Through the combined efforts of a large group of countries in the world in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and even Europe itself, the goal of developing mutually beneficial cooperation can be achieved, not only with regard to cooperation with Russia, as it today occupies an advanced position in the world in terms of providing many opportunities, and since she has been for decades.
Russia is one of the first countries to face Western influence, which gives her the right to lead in assuming responsibility for creating opportunities that enhance areas of development and international cooperation.
Looking towards a healthy world free of influence-imposing mechanisms is achieved by strengthening communication and joint coordination, which is essentially built on partnership and intersection of interests.
Therefore, participation in activities such as those provided by the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg is an opportunity to find solutions to all challenges of a political and security nature, not to mention everything related to the economy - from trade and providing sources of food and energy, because it’s the basis for the independence of the national decision-making of nations, as failing in achieving these factors, nations will remain subjected to the influence and greed of major imperial powers.
In light of this atmosphere that prevails in the world today, the world can trust that Russia will find solutions to the challenges they face, through the positive impact that Russian policies have demonstrated over the past three decades, the ability to play a leadership role in finding solutions and providing channels of communication.
The world is in Asia, the Pacific countries, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, and here SPIEF has become an ideal international platform to provide opportunities to a world searching for solutions to confront various challenges, most caused by the Western deviant policies, which are now threatening human existence and taking human culture and civilization into the abyss; Anyone who doesn’t possess a legacy of heritage, values, and civilization whose roots extend back hundreds of years cannot, in any way, claim leadership in a world striving toward justice and balance.
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