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What is about the increasing Russian more focus on the economics recently?
Habibullah Danishyar / Anyone who observes the recent news that are coming from Russia over the past few days realizes that we are on the verge of something huge the Russian push to, especially economics. But before discussing this Russian rush towards everything related to the economy recently, we must go through a group of events that took place in the past few days, which are clearly only the beginning of a more huge events that Russia will undertake during the coming months; Something we will witness during the months of 2024, as it obviously will be full of momentous events, which will undoubtedly weigh heavily and affect the international arena, as it’s already saturated with a number of issues.
It’s no longer useful to talk anymore about Western sanctions and isolation attempts against Russia, since the beginning of its forced military intervention in Ukraine in February 2022, as this matter has become so absurd that every Western speaker is still talking again about the issue of imposing sanctions on Russia, being either stupid, or living in Lala land.
It’s clear that all Western attempts to harm Russia have failed and did not have the effect they were looking for, even the recent as it can be called stealing the Russian assets abroad, will only harm the thieves. 
On the contrary, all western hostile measures taken against Russia were economic, add to it of course keeping funding Kiev with weapons and some millions of dollars, as the keep on investing on a lost project.
All that pressure may have been an incentive that forced Russia to leave her comfortable zone, which often afflicts any entity with laziness and dullness when its duration is prolonged, and thus pushed her towards searching for new ideas, even thinking outside the box increased for the first time in Russia, as Russia used to be accustomed to the obsolete Soviet mentality.
Of course, we are not saying here that there is a radical change in the Russian way of thinking, but we believe that what the coming days bring will show some new directions in the Russian way of thinking in terms of dealing with all political, economic and military issues.
The Western sanctions were aimed primarily at paralyzing Russia economically and causing painful blows to the Russian societal structure, which was supposed to lead to a colorful revolution in Russia that would overthrow the Russian leadership.
We would see, for example, Mrs. Victoria Nuland looking at us from Red Square while she is walking through the masses, as she did in the Maidan events in Kiev 2014.
All the ignorant people in the United States were disappointed... That did not happen, and it will not happen, because they are dealing with Russia that is far from 90s era.
Initially, given what happened as soon as Russian President Vladimir Putin was inaugurated for a new presidential term, a storm of change began on more than one level.
In the military field, Russia showed signs that no one noticed during the annual celebrations of victory over Nazism on May 9.
In the Russian capital on the sidelines of the Victory Day celebrations and the annual military parade, which witnessed the presence of a number of world leaders and guests, people saw Western military equipment, European and American, shown to the public, which the Russian forces were able to seize on the battle fronts in the Donbas, and most of the equipment was in relatively good condition, meaning that it was not destroyed.
Perhaps there was a defect that stopped it from working, or the Ukrainians simply left it and preferred to flee, and in other cases they surrendered with all their equipment to the Russian forces.
As always, the western media practiced the usual hint, and search for spooky stuff, as the Western media noted that the military parade was devoid of modern Russian tanks?
What is the reason, I wonder?
Are there no tanks left in Russia, for example?
Was Russia forced to send all its remaining tanks to fight in Ukraine?
We might know the answer later perhaps, but on the battlefronts there, suddenly the Kharkov front re-opened again with speed Russian army advance.
Yes, a new front is open in the face of Zalensky and his aides, and probably more to come.
On the same time, a bold move represented by appointing an economist par excellence at the head of the Ministry of Defense, which means that the army will be managed with an economic mentality based on numbers and adopting new methods to confront the West, which is accustomed to dealing with a marshal with a chest full of medals at the head of the Russian army.
Within the organizational structure of armies, it is possible for the Minister of Defense to be a non-military figure, as we even see countries that have women as Ministers of Defense... There is no problem with that, and with regard to the Russian army during the coming period, it will be an army that is managed with an economic mentality, with commanders in the field, more ferocious, and more ambitious to achieve important results.
As the west keep on financing those who are hiding in bunkers in Kiev, soon the West will witness scenes for the first time, perhaps, that will be more beautiful than the view of Russian tanks marching in Red Square... Let us wait and see!
As for the Russian interior, and according to the Russian Constitution, the president, after his inauguration, makes governmental and administrative changes in his staff.
This is a common matter in all countries of the world that enjoy a system of government based on elections and parliament.
The amendments that are announced successively indicate that the new term of President Putin includes, in its features, a modernization of the path and a renewal of the formula of the domestic and foreign policies that Russia will pursue during the upcoming period, which are built on three basic axes:
  • Sustain the gains on the battlefield and accomplish more progress.
    Suppressing corruption that has caused damage.
    Introducing a new idea that creates qualitative shifts in several domains.
The most important is the economy, especially the modernization and development of the Russian economy’s mechanisms, knowing the fact of facing the Western war machine in Ukraine for past 3 years, it’s necessary to pay more attention to the domestic economy, and continue improving the living conditions of the Russian people, as the majority of whom have become aware of the extent of the hostility that the West carry for everything related to Russia - culture, history and values.
Speaking about the economy, and the importance of focusing on, putting into consideration the circumstances prevailing in the world today.
The Russian authorities have realized the importance of continuing communication with all friendly countries and which they have historical and deep relations, whether in Asia, Africa, or Latin America.
Meanwhile, there are major activities in Russia driven by momentum towards going for more cooperation and strengthening Russian communication with a large number of countries in the world.
Russia's resort to the idea of holding annual forums that discuss a range of issues gives Moscow an important opportunity to create an inclusive environment in which everyone who seeks to advance their interests and establish presence in the international arena can join with a weight comparable to Western countries, which are accustomed to dealing with countries at the developing world on the principle of arrogance and dictating, while continuing to steal the resources these countries contain, without offering anything in return, except threats and intimidation, with always unleashing the whip of sanctions, and stirring up terrorism, that works for the West like a sleeping genie, suddenly wakes up somewhere in the world, whenever the West begin to face difficulties and a decline in its influence there.
It’s no longer acceptable, in this time, for nations that call themselves big and rich to deal arrogantly and opportunistically with the rest of the world, because people in this era have become more aware of the events going on around them, and it has become difficult for the propaganda method that was prevalent at the beginning of the twentieth century and in the era of the Cold War to affect, as the image and reality today clearly indicate all the facts, no matter how some try to play or maneuver around; Even the people in the West are awakening to the truth, who have begun to realize the extent of the deception being practiced on them by their “democratically elected” governments and the flimsy pretexts that are collapsing in the face of reality.
From this standpoint, Moscow is intending to intensify its international presence in terms of the economic field, because it wants to confirm that it has not been affected by all the attempts at economic harm that the West is still continuing to practice, after the huge amount of sanctions that the West imposed on Russia, half of which would paralyze the ability of any... Of those countries that impose these sanctions, in case they were the victim of.
Russia didn’t collapse after all!
The presence of Russia, with its size and geographical location, along with the country’s richness in various resources placed her in the top rank in the world at various levels, whether in terms of food, energy, human expertise and cultural richness, all of this gave Russia a pioneering status that will be consolidated with the efforts of other countries to reform the global system that has taken a perverted form since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Russia's reliance on intensifying diplomatic activity and enhancing economic cooperation with various countries in the world has done what is needed in terms of consolidating Russia's value globally, so that any talk or attempt to isolate Russia has become nothing more than nonsense coming out of mouths that don’t understand the shape of the world in which we live in today.
Among the tools to enhance presence, Russia has been dedicated to hosting international conferences and events, most of which focus on the economic aspect, because it’s the primary factor in establishing the value of countries and peoples.
If we borrow one of the concepts of Western capitalism, which the West is proud of, we find countries like Russia and China, for example, Which applies that principle as it should have been, as it’s based on the fact that “you get as much as you give”.
The West wants everything without offering anything in return.
This principle was neither a communist principle nor a principle invented by the Russians, but today, through their policies and style of economic cooperation, we find them applying this principle as it should be.
The world today is witnessing major blocs, most essentially economic; We can take a look at the BRICS group facing the G7, for example.
Russia also sought to provide opportunities to enhance communication between itself and the rest of the world, and here came the need for economic forums that provide an important platform to enhance communication and find solutions to the challenges facing the world’s economy.
Hence, the Russian city of Saint Petersburg is preparing, next month, to host the twenty-seventh edition of the International Economic Forum, which over the past two decades has become one of the most important international economic events, and which has demonstrated Russia’s capabilities in organizing international events, in which Russia has succeeded with complete success, whether they are... political, economic, social, cultural, artistic and sporting events.
On this basis, the idea of integrating local achievements and presenting them within an annual event that provides great exchange opportunities between Russia and the rest of the world, in terms of benefiting from everything that Russia can offer, and in return, other countries find an opportunity to offer what they have, and here we find the concept of international cooperation; Dedicated, which is confirmed by the continued presence of this forum on the global economic events’ calendar, as the Saint Petersburg forum in its twenty-seventh year will be an extension of the continuous success of the past years editions.
Russia's continued presence in the international arena today has become an indicator of the changing balance of power in the world today, as the balance is gradually tipping towards countries that have been exploited by the West for many decades, and today, with many examples, they have placed themselves in a peer position.
Russia is extending opportunities, which are shared by many countries in the world, in order to move towards a healthier global environment, in which it’s no longer acceptable to tolerate the imposition of dictates by major powers without them pay the price for that.
The false authority that the West has exploited over the years, is no longer tolerable, as the whole world already witnessed the true color of the western values crumbling.
Thus, with the Russian focus more on the economic direction during the next stage, we will witness that as a tangible reality, with the events that Russia will host during the upcoming period, as it coming in a wonderful sequence, will draw to all observers in the world what the shape of the New World will be like, after the collapse of an era of western tyranny, that have been deceiving the world for years hiding behind the image of fake angel.
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