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The late arrival of the invitation is the reason for the weak presence of Afghan publishers in the Tehran Book Fair/ It is planned for maximum attendance next year
The first secretary and head of the Afghan embassy in Tehran, on the sidelines of the Tehran International Book Fair, in a conversation with AVA reporter, denied and rejected some claims and negative reports about the Islamic Emirate's opposition to the presence of Afghan publishers in this fair and said that the reason for the low participation Publishers from Afghanistan in this exhibition, the invitation arrived late. Abu Bakr Sahibi announced plans for the maximum presence of Afghan publishers in the Tehran Book Fair next year.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: The senior diplomat of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Embassy in Tehran, who was talking to an AVA reporter on the sidelines of visiting the Tehran book fair, said about this fair and the presence of Afghan publishers: Every country likes culture. And the works of its scientists who work hard and publish books should be displayed. Very good works from Afghanistan were displayed in this exhibition.
But in response to the question that this year the number of Afghan publishers in the Tehran Book Fair is very small, while in previous years at least 20 publishers from the country participated in this fair, he said: This year, the reason for the participation of Afghan publishers in This exhibition reached us very late, and you know that some government issues, including visa procedures and procurement issues, are time-consuming, but efforts were still made for Afghan publishers to be present at the Tehran Book Fair.
In response to the question that some negative reports were published that the Islamic Emirate is against the presence of publishers from within Afghanistan in the Tehran exhibition, the First Secretary and the Chargé d'affaires of the Afghan Embassy answered: Unfortunately, such people are biased, is it possible that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that the origin of the rise is from the book and science, and scholars are present at the head of it, should it be against the book?!
According to him, some opponents do not want a better image of the Islamic Emirate to be shown, and of course they do not sit idly by and seek destruction, but these destructions do not take place.

Sahibi said about the plan of the Afghan embassy for the next year and the large presence of domestic publishers in the Tehran book fair: "Following the delay that happened this year, we decided to prepare for next year two or three months in advance, and with the host country. And let's talk with the center, so that we can increase the number of Afghanistan booths (in the Tehran Book Fair) to the maximum, so that it both encourages Afghans and quenches the thirst of visitors."
He said about the capabilities of the Afghan embassy in Tehran to cooperate with immigrant writers and poets who want to publish their works: "The cultural department of the embassy has always been cooperative in cooperation with publishers and writers, the embassy provided some materials that were needed. and promises of cooperation have been given so that those who are based in Iran can work more with the cooperation of the cultural department of the embassy.
On Tuesday, May 14, the delegation of the Embassy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the Islamic Republic of Iran, consisting of three senior diplomats of this embassy, made a different and long-term visit to different parts of the Tehran International Book Fair, especially the booths of Afghan publishers and other booths. The international section of this exhibition. This delegation included Abu Bakr Sahibi, the first secretary, Yaqub Helmandi, the second secretary, and Miranorshah Ghafari, the third secretary, and the consul of the Afghan embassy.

The booths of Afghan publishers in cooperation with Amiri Publications, Ahrari Publications and Irfan Publications are three Afghan publishers present at the Tehran Book Fair. Kalkin Publishing, an Iranian publishing house in Afghanistan, is also present in this exhibition. With the coordinations and cooperations that have been done, it is supposed to provide the opportunity for the presence of more Afghan publishers in the Tehran International Book Fair in the remaining days.
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