Publish dateWednesday 19 April 2017 - 15:33
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Afghanistan rejects Taliban claims of killing over 155 thousand soldiers
The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan rejected the claims by the Taliban of killing more than 155 thousand soldiers in the past ten years.

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA), Dismissing the reports as baseless, the Ministry of Defense said the people of Afghanistan and everyone else accepts that the Taliban group and similarly other terrosit groups have have committed countless atrocities in the history of humanity and Islam.

Pointing towards the Taliban claims regarding the incident 103,927 operations the group claims to have conducted, MoD asked whether suicide bombings in the cities and major civilian gatherings as well as murders, roadside bombings on highways used by civilians, kidnappings, killing of elders, women, children, setting mosques, school, seminries, and several other crimes are Jihad or holy as described by the leaders to whom they are serving.

MoD further added that the Taliban has killed more than 155,000 Afghan soldiers during the past ten years and 98,000 others were wounded while 50,773 armored vehicles and tanks were destroyed and 551 planes belonging to the Afghan and foreign forces were downed and 82 foreign soldiers were killed as well.

The Ministry of Defense said such claims are only made doe the satisfaction of their owners, calling it a white lie the group is making to deceive the public.

Calling the group as a proxy tool of the foreigners, MoD said the Afghan nation have reached to a conclusion that the group attempts to deceive the people by misusing their Islamic and Afghan beliefs.

Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
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