Publish dateSaturday 9 December 2017 - 14:51
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Daesh ‘Could Exploit’ Mineral Resources In Jawzjan
Jawzjan Governor says it is not possible for Daesh militants to extract the mineral resources in Darzab district in the province.

AVA- Following reports on presence of Daesh militants in Jawzjan province, in Afghanistan’s north, a member of provincial council of the province said the insurgent group has access to mineral resources in that part of the country.

Member of Jawzjan Provincial Council, Halima Sadaf, said the group would possibly extract and smuggle the assets in Darzab district in the province.

She said the Daesh militants also have access to historical sites in Jawzjan.

She told TOLOnews that mines such as diamonds, emerald, uranium, and oil deposits in the district could be accessed and exploited by Daesh.

“We have mines in Darzab districts which are under the control of Daesh and the group can use the raw material to boost their financial support,” Sadaf said.

“We have eighteen kinds of mines, including emerald, ruby, gold, diamonds and oil. We have the best mineral resources of Afghanistan in this district, which are under the control of Daesh.”

The member of the provincial council said Daesh can fund and equip itself more effectively than at any other time by extraction and smuggling of these minerals.

Meanwhile, local officials in Jawzjan acknowledged the large Daesh presence in the district, but said the group is not technically able to extract materials and gems from the mines in the area.

"There is no report of how much of the materials they (Daesh) can extract,” Jawzjan Governor Lotfullah Azizi told TOLOnews. “It is not possible for them to illegally extract the mineral resources in the (Darzab) district because the area is limited for them and they cannot operate in a wide region.”

Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
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