Publish dateThursday 31 May 2018 - 13:36
Story Code : 164596
Video: US targets Taliban leaders compound with HIMARS in Helmand
The US Military has released the footage of the HIMARS artillery rocket strike on a compound of the Taliban group leaders in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.
The video shows the impact of the artillery rockets on a compound which was apparently being used as a command and control center by the group.
The US forces struck the Taliban compound last week using the HIMARS GPS guided artillery rocket.
The Commander of the NATO and US forces in Afghanistan Gen. John Nicholson says the Taliban leaders were targeted as they were participating in a meeting after the recent attack in Farah city.
“The — the senior Taliban leader who was there was the deputy shadow governor of Helmand, and a number of other leaders underneath him,” Gen. Nicholson said in response a question.
He said “Now, we’re still assessing the specific names and positions.  But what it looks like it was, was a group of commanders, meeting in part to discuss the operation in Farah that many of them had just participated in.”
“And they obviously thought they were meeting in relative safely in — safety in Musa Qal’ah, but our intelligence was able to identify the group and effectively conduct the strike,” he added.
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