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Half of Afghans suffer from stress, says survey

One in two Afghans suffer from psychological stress, the country's Public Health Ministry said on Sunday citing a survey.
Half of Afghans suffer from stress, says survey

The survey was conducted in 16 provinces of the country, covering 12,666 individuals including aged people and children over the past two years.
The study further revealed that one in five Afghans face failures while performing routine activities.
Feda Mohammad Paikan, deputy minister of public health, said that they cannot be called mentally ill people but warned if the problem is left unaddressed, it would develop into mental disorder.
According to the survey, nearly 5 percent of people suffer from depression, nearly 3 percent from anxiety and over 5 percent from psychological injury. Around 7 percent have suicidal thoughts.
Nicholas Taylor, an official from EU which supported the survey, blamed decades of war, poverty, unemployment and violence for mental health problems in Afghanistan.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Sunday 28 October 2018 16:06
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