Publish dateTuesday 16 July 2019 - 16:36
Story Code : 188452
Taliban commander among 12 killed, wounded in a premature IED explosion in Faryab
A premature improvised explosive device explosion killed, wounded 12 Taliban militants including the commander of the group.
The 209th Shaheen Corps in a statement said a premature IED explosion killed three Taliban militants including their commander in Faryab.
The statement further added that the explosion took place in Nishar Village of Bulchiragh district, killing Mullah Mohammad Nisheri and his two companions.
Furthermore, the 209th Shaheen Corps said the explosion also wounded 9 other Taliban militants.
The 209th Shaheen Corps also added that the IED went off prematurely at 9:30 pm on Monday as the militants were trying to plant the bomb on a roadside to target the security forces.
The Taliban group has not commented regarding the explosion so far.

Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
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