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Afghanistan Schedules Meetings To Prepare For Intra-Afghan Talks

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs is hosting several strategic dialogues in the upcoming week as the country’s leaders decide when the intra-Afghan talks will begin.
Afghanistan Schedules Meetings To Prepare For Intra-Afghan Talks

Gran Hewad, spokesperson for the foreign ministry said there will be three meetings held during the week as of now.
There will be a regional summit with about 20 countries, Afghanistan’s strategic partners and UN representatives, as well as another international meeting with about 19 countries.

According to Hewad, the talks are aimed at strengthening regional and international consensus on peace in Afghanistan, and will be focusing on the immediate start of international talks, the release of prisoners and the resumption of ceasefire.
A third round of Strategic Dialogue will also be held with the the Deputy Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and China in attendance.
A bilateral meeting between Afghanistan and Pakistan also has to be held, he said. However, the date has not been decided yet.
Source : Afghan Voce Agency(AVA)
Thursday 2 July 2020 18:17
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