Publish dateMonday 6 June 2022 - 09:38
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The United States, along with some of its mercenaries, is trying to blame Hezbollah for the situation in Lebanon
The head of the executive council of the Hezbollah movement stressed that the Americans had intensified the siege and sanctions against Lebanon in order to target Hezbollah, and in this regard, they have been pressing hard Lebanon since 1980s.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Hashem Safi al-Din, Chairman of the Executive Council of the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement, says: "The United States is preventing the Lebanese people from gaining access to its oil and gas resources, and its intervention is one of the most important factors Prevents crisis.

"Some Lebanese idiots and ignorant people are helping the United States in this," he said, adding that political misconduct and corruption over the past few decades have led Lebanon to these catastrophic livelihood, financial and economic consequences.

The Hezbollah official noted that the United States, along with some of its mercenaries, was trying to blame Hezbollah for the situation in Lebanon.

"We can do that," Safi al-Din said, reiterating his call for dialogue and Lebanon's exit from the crisis. A strong Lebanon will be able to extract its oil and gas with its resistance.

Meanwhile, Lebanese sources reported that a ship belonging to the interim Zionist regime entered the disputed "Karish" field to start extracting gas from this field, and to key in the looting of Lebanese gas.

In response, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that negotiations on the demarcation of the southern maritime borders with the Zionist regime are ongoing and that any action or activity in the disputed area constitutes provocation and hostile action.
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