Publish dateSunday 12 June 2022 - 14:15
Story Code : 254119
Ghazni: Five Dead and Injured in Traffic Accident
Five people were killed and injured in a traffic accident in Ghazni, according to the local Islamic Emirate sources.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, According to Hafiz Omar, a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate governor in Ghazni, who spoke to Radio Azadi, the event occurred in the Rawza area of the province on Saturday, June 11th.

According to the spokesperson for Ghazni governor, one woman was killed and four others, including two children and two women, were injured in the incident.

Hafiz Omar gave no indication and made no mention of the incident’s cause.
In recent months, the number of traffic accidents resulting in passenger deaths has increased significantly, and the cause has yet to be substantiated by the relevant institution or through a thorough investigation.

Inappropriate speeding, deteriorating routes, carelessness, narrow roads, and driver non-observance of traffic rules are considered to be the principal causes of traffic accidents in the country.
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