Publish dateMonday 13 June 2022 - 12:42
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The US president will travel to Israel in the middle of next month
Informed sources said that Joe Biden will travel to Israel, which include the occupied reign and Saudi Arabia, in mid-July next month.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Informed sources announced that US President Joe Biden will travel to the occupied territories on July.
The White House will announce the exact date of this trip in an official statement on Monday.
In this regard, the Zionist network Kun reported that "Barbara Leaf", a senior US State Department official who is in Tel Aviv, has met with Zionist officials in recent hours to prepare for Biden's trip.
Joe Biden had previously been scheduled to travel to the occupied territories in June, but tensions in the Zionist regime's political arena and the possibility of the ouster of Naftali Bennett's cabinet delayed the trip by a month.
On the other hand, the American website Axius reported that Joe Biden will travel to Saudi Arabia on July 14 after visiting the occupied territories.
Thus, the report says that, contrary to speculation about the cancellation of Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia, this trip will definitely take place, but its date has not been finalized yet.
According to the Axius website, Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia will definitely take place after his visit to the occupied territories on July 14 (May 23).
Earlier, some sources said that Biden's visit to Riyadh may not take place due to criticism from international human rights organizations of the Al Saud regime.
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