Publish dateTuesday 26 July 2022 - 09:18
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Ukraine and Russia accused each other of crimes against humanity
Meanwhile, five months have passed since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, and recently both sides have accused each other of committing crimes against humanity.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Ukrainian officials say that Russian military planes have fired several missiles at the country's grain export port in the Black Sea.
This claim is made while the Russian officials say that the place of their operation was not the grain export port but the military targets in the Black Sea.
Earlier, Ukrainian media reported that Russia and Ukraine have reached an agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea.
On the other hand, Russia has accused 92 members of the Ukrainian military forces of committing crimes against humanity.
Alexander Bastrykin; The head of the Russian Investigating Committee has proposed holding a world court to a number of countries in the world in order to try these officials, including Syria, Iran and Bolivia.
It should be said that Vladimir Putin; On February 24, the President of Russia issued an order to start military operations in these areas, requesting the help of the Republics of Donbas, Luhansk and Donetsk to defend against Ukraine.
From the beginning, Putin emphasized that Moscow does not seek to occupy Ukrainian territories and declared the purpose of the military operation to be the de-Nazification and disarmament of Ukraine.
Western countries, including the United States of America, by intensifying the pressure of sanctions against Russia and supplying light and heavy weapons to Ukraine, have not only helped to calm the situation, but have added to the fire of conflicts.
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