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Tel Aviv
Relations between Russia and the Zionist regime, which have been strained as a result of this regime's stance on the war in Ukraine, have entered a new stage of tension as a result of Moscow's order to close the "Jewish Agency" in Russia.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): In the shadow of the escalation of tension between the Zionist regime and Russia over the dissolution of the "Jewish Agency", Tel Aviv announced the expansion of its activities in Ukraine in the form of humanitarian aid, and the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the tensions between this country and the Zionist regime. On "Jewish Agency", he criticized Tel Aviv's positions towards Ukraine.
Yesterday, a report was published by the Zionist network "Kan" about the expansion of the activities of the Zionist regime in Ukraine in the form of aid. According to this report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Zionist regime announced that for the first time, an official budget was delivered to the civilian aid organizations active in Ukraine. Is. Until now, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Zionist regime has worked directly in Ukraine within this framework, but now it has decided to join the activities of 9 civil organizations in Ukraine and provide them with government funds directly.
The Zionist Foreign Ministry also claimed that there is no connection between Israel's assistance to Ukraine and the relations between Israel and Russia, and that the Zionist regime, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its aid agencies, has been providing humanitarian aid to refugees and civilian victims since the beginning of the war. This war has been active to the point where it has set up the only field hospital in Ukraine and provided them with medical equipment, water, etc. at the request of the local people.
Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, has made a new comment about this on Tuesday. She spoke about tensions with the Zionist regime during a live broadcast on virtual networks.
He criticized the positions of the Zionist regime regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine and stated: "When the position (of Tel Aviv) is drawn completely in the direction of supporting Ukraine, and of course not in support of the people of Ukraine, but in support of the Kiev regime, and in full voice The wildness and exoticism of the West are congruent, raising questions.
This Russian official also declared: the literature and rhetoric of the Zionist regime officials were "completely biased and unconstructive".
At the same time, political analysts and observers relate this decision of Tel Aviv to the escalation of tensions between it and Moscow. Relations between the Zionist regime and Russia have become increasingly tense in the months since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, and the officials of both sides have repeatedly taken harsh positions against each other.
The new crisis in the relations between Moscow and Tel Aviv intensified on Thursday (July 30) when the Ministry of Justice of Russia requested the dissolution of this organization to the "Basmani" District Court of Moscow, which showed that Moscow is serious in its intentions and that words and warnings have turned into practical actions.
This court, in a statement published by the Russian news agency "Ryanovsky", said that the court received a lawsuit filed by the main department of the Ministry of Justice (Russia) regarding the liquidation of the Jewish Agency. The spokesperson of the court announced without providing further details that this request was made after legal violations and the preliminary hearing of this complaint is scheduled to be held on July 28.
Yesterday, the Hebrew-language media wrote that in response to the liquidation of the Jewish Agency, Tel Aviv prepared a package of sanctions against Moscow, including preventing the transfer of ownership of the land where the Alexander Church is located to Russia, taking new steps to help Ukraine, and recalling the Israeli ambassador.
The spokesperson of the Russian diplomatic establishment also talked about the tensions over the order of the Moscow authorities to close the "Jewish Agency" in Russia and announced that the fate of this matter depends on the decision of the Ministry of Justice of Russia.
In recent days, the officials of the Zionist regime have repeatedly talked about the Russian government's order to close the Jewish Agency, and Yair Lapid, the Prime Minister of this regime, also talked about the consequences of this issue on the relations between Tel Aviv and Moscow.
According to an Israeli media report, a senior Zionist diplomatic source said that Russia has accused the Jewish Agency of illegally collecting information on Russian citizens.
About three weeks ago, the Ministry of Justice of Russia sent a warning message to the Jewish Agency, warning the organization about violating Russian law, because the Jewish Agency has a database of people who are likely to immigrate to the occupied territories. However, the Jewish Agency claims that this issue is related to the surveillance by Russian officials, which has been going on for several years and will be resolved after telephone consultations.
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