Publish dateTuesday 9 August 2022 - 10:46
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Major national projects will start in the country
Officials of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs shared their one-year work report with the media during a press conference at the government's information and media center in line with the accountability program of the government to the nation and talked about the implementation of national mega projects.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: According to officials of the Ministry of Labor; Distribution of work permits, establishment of orphanages, arrangement of ten projects in different sectors, conclusion of memorandums of understanding, review of legal documents, provision of services to orphans and poor families, and organization of technical and professional training programs were mentioned as major achievements of this ministry in the last one year.
Mawlavi Makhdom Abdul Salam Sadat, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, who spoke in this press conference, said: Creating a suitable working environment, providing food security, reasonable use of human resources and protecting the rights of the poor are among the issues that deserve the attention of this ministry.
According to the deputy of this ministry, in light of the Islamic Emirate's policies to reduce poverty, unemployment and provide better services, in the last one year, 37,323 work permits were distributed to domestic nationals and 1,297 work permits were distributed to foreign nationals, and this ministry received from various sources 43 million and 401790 revenue.
The Deputy Minister added: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has opened several national and infrastructure projects, including the Ghoshtipeh Canal Project, the Sarpul Oil and Gas Project, and the New Kabul Project, which will create job opportunities for about 70,000 to 80,000 people.
According to Saadat's statements, the creation of ten plans in different sectors, a plan to solve the problems of beggars, plans on how to distribute work permits, a plan to treat drug addicts, a plan to provide professional and technical training, a plan to prevent child labor, a plan to attract cooperation, and a plan to improve capacity. It is one of the other achievements of this ministry in the last year.
According to the report, in the last one year, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in total, provided 40,402 poor children and families’ access to cash, food and humanitarian aid at the central and provincial levels, and 8,472 cases of children He has followed up on the danger in the center and provinces.
According to the deputy minister, during the past year, professional and technical trainings were provided for 8597 people in different sectors, through 478 kindergartens, the education and upbringing of 3500 children in the country was facilitated and the services needed for 7500 orphans and orphans.
Also, the Ministry of Labor has started the construction of 15 orphanages, of which the construction work of one orphanage in Logar has been completed and another 4 orphanages in Nuristan, Daikundi, Jawzjan and Takhar are about to be completed.
Based on the report of this ministry, in order to improve operations, attract cooperation and simplify work processes, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has signed cooperation agreements with the Commission for Administrative Reforms and Civil Services and Mercy Corps, Nouf Enlis, Hajar and Justice Watch and 37 The legal document has been revised.
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