Publish dateSaturday 13 August 2022 - 16:07
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Indifference towards Covid-19 in Afghanistan
Health officials have urged the people to voluntarily get vaccinated against coronavirus in Badghis province.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, According to the Ministry of Public Health, about 16 positive Covid-19 cases were registered in the province last month.

The doctors call indifference of residents to the disease as worrisome, asking them to follow health guidelines.
Dr. Abdul Raziq Yasini, an internal medicine specialist in Badghis, said people must be alert against coronavirus and ignoring the disease was extremely dangerous and deadly.

According to him, getting vaccinated is the only way to fight and prevent the virus. Meanwhile, Dr. Hashmatullah Faizi, in charge of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Afghan-Japan Hospital, called on citizens to follow the health guidelines and said indifference to the disease was dangerous.

The only way to be safe from the virus was to use mask, wash hands frequently with soap, observe social distance and avoid participating in gatherings, he added.

He asked the people to seriously follow these guidelines. Dr. Faizi encouraged people to vaccinate themselves against the deadly disease.

Dr. Sharafat Zaman, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health, said coronavirus was still taking a toll on the people in the world.

“In Badghis province, we have launched a campaign to vaccinate people against the virus and the campaign is currently being implemented. We are trying to prevent the spread of this disease by giving people the vaccine,” he added.

According to him, at least 16 people tested positive for the virus among 296 suspected cases in Badghis last month (July).

Some people are interested in getting vaccinated but others refuse to be administered the vaccine. Abdul Nasir, a resident of Badghis, told Pajhwok that coronavirus was a dangerous and deadly that had killed many people in last few years.

He added all members of the society were responsible to protect themselves and other people from being infected by the virus by observing health guidelines and maintaining social distance.

Mohammad Yasin, another resident, said: “Coronavirus has ended, I don’t want to get vaccinated because it is dangerous.”

He said during the outbreak of the virus, he used mask and did not participate in gatherings, but currently the number of infected people had decreased and people continued their life normally.
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