Publish dateSunday 28 August 2022 - 13:06
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Truck Driver Runs over a Child in Parwan
A local Islamic Emirate officials said a truck ran over and killed a 13-year-old child in Parwan.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, According to local Islamic Emirate authorities, the tragedy took place on Sunday, the 28th of August, on the Kabul-Parwan highway in the Khwaja Sayaran village of Charikar city, the provincial capital of Parwan.
According to the Islamic Emirate Traffic Director for the province, the deceased child has been identified as Majnoon, a 13-year-old boy who lived in the Sayed Khel district of Parwan province.

Local sources say that the boy was run over by the truck and killed as a result of being squashed on the Kabul-Parwan highway.

The principal offender of this tragic occurrence has not yet been apprehended, thus it may be a case of hit-and-run.

Earlier on Saturday, a fast-moving vehicle swerved on the Herat-Badghis highway in western Afghanistan, causing two fatalities and four injuries.
According to a newsletter released by the chief of police’s office, a car veered off the highway between Herat and Qala-e-Naw, the provincial capital of Badghis province, causing two deaths and four wounds.

Driver incompetence and negligence have recently been heavily connected to a rise in the number of fatal traffic accidents in Afghanistan.

Additional important factors that significantly contribute to Afghanistan’s daily traffic deaths include speeding, unsafe driving conditions, disobedient drivers, and a lack of traffic signals.
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