Publish dateMonday 29 August 2022 - 14:17
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The possibility of attacks from Afghanistan has increased more than before
The former US Minister of foreign affair, Mike Pompeo, in a radio program of this country, talked about the disgrace of the United States with the sudden withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan and added that the possibility of attacking Afghanistan is more than today.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Former US Minister of foreign affair Mike Pompeo, 58, said on Sunday (August 28) during a radio program of this country: "There is a high possibility that we will be attacked." New York was about twenty years ago. "Compared to last year, today the possibility of attacking Afghanistan has increased."
He also added that the United States of America has been humiliated by President Joe Biden's vandalism (withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan).
Pompeo also claimed that the presence of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the US from the country gave courage to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Referring to the death of 13 American soldiers after the ISIS terrorist attack on Kabul airport in August 2021, the former US Secretary of State said: The eyes saw: While the Afghan people were hanging the American planes, we ran away and left Afghanistan. "After the disgrace of our country in the world, this incident has reduced our hopes and convinced Putin that he can attack Ukraine."
"Democrats want to show themselves to be forgiving and good," he said of the Biden administration's student loan forgiveness.
Pompeo described the move as an "effort to get clear votes" ahead of November's midterm elections.
Pompeo announced some time ago that if he wants to, he will take part in the 2024 US presidential election.
In the Trump administration, Mike Pompeo was first the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and then served as the country's secretary of state.
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