Publish dateWednesday 31 August 2022 - 10:30
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One year since America left the country/ Mujahid addressed the international community: The past 20 years are a good guide for the future
Coinciding with the anniversary of the departure of the last American soldier from Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid called this departure a "great victory" and addressed the international community, considering the past 20 years as a good guide for the future.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Last year on the 31st August, the last American soldier left the Kabul airport. The Islamic Emirate declared this day a public holiday and celebrated last night.
The Islamic Emirate is supposed to celebrate today (Wednesday).
In a statement, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate called the withdrawal of foreign forces a "great victory" for this group and said, "It is important to understand the value and importance of this victory."
Mujahid said: "Let's use the opportunities of this great victory and make tireless efforts to strengthen, order and advance the Islamic system and rule a completely strong, thoughtful and solid Islamic system."
He said that the Islamic Emirate is appealing to the international community that the experience of the past 20 years can be a good guide for the future: "We observed that any policy of pressure and threats on the Afghan people in the past 20 years failed and only increased the crisis."
Mujahid has called the Islamic Emirate's government as the "legitimate system" of Afghanistan and has asked the international community to adopt a reasonable policy towards Afghanistan, "according to the will of the Afghans", to respect the independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan.
After a year has passed since the Islamic Emirate dominated Afghanistan, no country or international forum has recognized this group as the government of Afghanistan.
The UN Security Council has not yet extended the travel exemption for the officials of the Islamic Emirate due to the ban on girls' education and the exclusion of women from work.
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