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The Tebyan Center has always been committed to its goals in the past three decades
At the same time as the 31st anniversary of the establishment of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center, cultural experts and officials of this center say that since its establishment, Tebyan has been committed to its goals and has taken steps in the direction of community awareness.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: On the 1st of September, 1991,  the center of cultural and social activities was opened by a number of clerics, students and students, centered on Martyr Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Ali Akbar Misbah and the participation of Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, It was established to create a cultural movement based on the culture of Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.) and to promote the public awareness of the people to solve the existing problems.
Now, at the same time as the 31st anniversary of the establishment of this institution, experts say that the Tebyan Center has proven its idealism in the last 30 years and continues to pursue its goals with a strong will.
Hojjat al-Islam, Yar Mohammad Rahmati; The expert on religious issues and the head of the Kabul office of the Tebyan center told Ava reporter that in the past 30 years, the center of cultural and social activities of the Tebyan, despite facing great challenges, has continued to pursue its primary goals and has taken steps towards the awakening and awareness of the society. .
Mr. Rahmati added that this center, based on religious orders and texts, along with extensive cultural activities, has always strived for empathy and community unity.
Based on Rahmati's statements, the Tebyan center is working tirelessly to build Islamic culture regardless of ethnicity, tribe and descent.
Meanwhile, Hojjat al-Islam Sayed Saleh Sadr; An expert on religious issues and a cultural activist also told Ava reporter that Tebyan Center is the only organization in Afghanistan that has resolutely pursued its goal through ups and downs and has not surrendered to the fate of time.
Mr. Sadr added that the Tebyan center is committed to its ideals and its original line, and during its 30 years of activity, there has been no pause in its work.
According to Mr. Sadr, although cultural programs and work in Afghanistan have always faced challenges; But the Tebyan Center has suffered less interruptions and has continued its cultural activities.
Sayed Hashem Alavi; Head of the Afghan Voice news agency's head office in Kabul also says that Tebyan Center for Social Cultural Activities has been one of the most important and effective institutions in the developments of the last three decades in Afghanistan.
Mr. Alavi added that despite the constant stone pelting and disruptions by the internal and external opponents, Tebyan has continued to operate in an authoritative manner for 31 years, and even the bloody attack of the 7th Jedi of 2016, which caused the heaviest damage. This center entered, could not reduce the strength, prosperity and determination of its committed members in line with the high goals.
He pointed out that this social cultural center has been continuously and uninterruptedly active in various political, social and cultural fields since its establishment and has not stopped moving under any circumstances.
Based on Alavi's statements, Tebyan, which is a familiar name derived from the Holy Quran, has always shone in the dark and war-torn atmosphere of Afghanistan during the last three decades and brought the nation out of the darkness caused by political, social and military unrest in the country.
He pointed out that this great cultural center with like-minded and like-minded members and in a completely coherent and organizational manner during 31 years with the focus of seeking unity and protecting national interests, has taken fundamental and firm steps in various fields and has never blamed the accusers and stonewalling.
According to Alavi, now that the center of cultural and social activities of Tebyan is 31 years old, it is at the peak of its authority, prosperity and youth, and in various political, social and cultural fields, through virtual and real space, it provides the necessary guidelines according to the conditions.
It should be said that three decades of activity have turned the Tebyan Center into a large and influential cultural movement and thousands of people have benefited from its services and training in all fields.
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