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The Tebyan Center is moving faster than before in the direction of its goals and ideals
Sayed Hassan Mousavi: The Tebyan Center, which started its intellectual, cultural and media activities thirty-one years ago, relying on the help of the right and resorting to the family of innocence and purity, in order to elevate the religious and Islamic culture, has been able to continue this path well today. Although this center has seen many adversities and sufferings during more than three decades of its life; But it is moving with firm steps and double perseverance and with more acceleration than before.
In the name of Allah
The center of Tebyan, relying on the help of the right and the help of the court of God, and resorting to the family of innocence and purity, and relying on knowledge and expertise; It has started its intellectual, cultural and media activities, and has continued its path during many decades according to the ideal and predetermined goal; Although he has seen many adversities and sufferings on this path, he even gave blood; But he is happy that he is moving forward faster than before in the way of uplifting religious and Islamic culture, with firm steps and double perseverance.
The Tebyan Center is the eloquent language of the suffering people, who have always been in many hardships and hardships, and has taken prudent policies with full consideration and foresight, taking into account the highest interests of the people and the country, and has never given up on their religious and state ideals, thirty years ago. When he starts his explanation and enlightenment work by publishing the cry of Ashura, he actually follows the same religious and divine goals as Ashura, and he has an opinion on the different aspects of the Ashura uprising, and he explains and follows the lessons of the Ashura uprising and the motivations of the uprising of Abi Abdullah (AS). And in this way, he has sacrificed his life and wealth.
The motives of Hussaini's uprising are:
Religious motivation: Revival of religion and tradition.
Social motivation: reforming religious and Islamic society.
Cultural motivation: avoiding the decadent western culture and reviving religious and Islamic culture.
The religious and cultural center of Tebyan has started its work with this motivation and with this sacred goal, therefore, when the goal is sacred, people will definitely give their lives in the way of that goal, just as the members and staff of the Tebyan center also commit themselves to it. They know the holy goals and reaching those goals, and in this way, he has not and will not spare any efforts.
Tebyan Center, during their 30 years of unique activity in Afghanistan and the Middle East, is now one of the successful organizations in the cultural, social and political fields, which is present in the field despite all the problems and obstacles of the insiders and the enemy, and among the dear people both inside and outside. Afghanistan and among the dear and dear immigrants who are present in different countries are by their side, and this noble center is always trying to solve the social and cultural problems of these honorable people. The Tebyan Center has followed the works until now and has concluded that we can say that even the country's men's government has not been able to complete them.
Now that we are in the 31st anniversary of the establishment of this holy institution, and many elites of the country have joined this center by understanding this fact, and thousands of professors and intellectuals have been engaged in this center, we will definitely witness scientific progress in the near future.
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