Publish dateWednesday 14 September 2022 - 13:26
Story Code : 258607
The energy crisis in Europe/Germany increased the supply of loans to energy companies
After the imposition of Western sanctions against Russia due to the war in Ukraine, Moscow decided to reduce and stop gas exports to Europe in response. For this reason, EU member states have prepared themselves to face the harsh winter ahead. In this regard, Germany also increased the provision of loans to energy companies yesterday (Tuesday, September 13).
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): European energy ministers will also hold an emergency meeting on September 30 to discuss this matter.
After Russia faced Western sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine, it cut off gas supplies to Europe. Due to Russia's confrontation, energy companies were caught in the problem of "price increase". A crisis that has severely affected the economy.
In case of insufficient gas reserves, gas-consuming industries may inevitably be rationed even before winter.
German Chancellor Olaf Schultz said on Tuesday: "We knew and we know that our solidarity with Ukraine will have consequences."
He asked the German people to prepare for a hard winter, because their source of energy will no longer be Russian gas.
It should be noted that the President of Ukraine, said last week that Europeans should wait for a hard winter due to Russia's measures to disrupt oil and gas exports.
Moscow considers Western sanctions due to the country's invasion of Ukraine and technical issues to be the cause of disruptions in energy exports. European countries that have supported the Kiev government with diplomatic and military measures have accused Russia of using energy resources as a weapon.
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