Publish dateSaturday 17 September 2022 - 10:17
Story Code : 258709
A car crash in Badakhshan sea; Three people were missing
The local officials of Badakhshan Province have reported that a car fell into the Kokcha River in Mayimi district of the province and say that the bodies of three occupants of the car have not been found yet.
(AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, the deputy governor of Badakhshan, told Ava: a Land Cruiser car fell into the sea in Ghazdara area of Mayimi district، (Thursday, September 15) and the bodies of 3 occupants have not been found yet. .
According to him, this car was carrying employees of Aga Khan's office, among the 4 passengers, only the driver was saved and three others fell into the sea with the car.
Meanwhile, this is the third traffic incident in Badakhshan in the last week. 6 people died and 8 people were injured during the previous two events.
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