Publish dateMonday 19 September 2022 - 11:05
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Seventy percent of the collected beggars are women
The Islamic Emirate says that 70% of beggars collected from different parts of Kabul city are women.
 Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The Economic Deputy of the Ministry of the Islamic Emirate published a statement Yesterday (Sunday, September 18) saying that 6,900 beggars have been collected from different parts of Kabul city, of which 4,617 are women.
According to this deputy, among these women, only 1,231 of them have been recognized as deserving and the rest are professional beggars.
The Economic Vice President of the Taliban government said: 579 men were among the beggars collected, and after evaluating 164 of them, 164 of them were eligible and 415 of them were identified as professional beggars.
According to the statistics of the Taliban government, more than 1,704 children are included among the collected beggars, of which 911 are entitled and 39 are orphans.
According to the announcement, orphaned beggar children have been sent to the educational centers of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs after biometrics.
Meanwhile, the Afghan Red Crescent Society has started a process of giving cash aid to deserving beggars, and the Taliban government has said that so far hundreds of people have benefited from this aid.
Earlier, Bakhtar news agency announced that if a number of beggars know a profession, they will be provided with a job after biometrics.
According to international aid organizations, 55% of the population needs humanitarian aid. According to these organizations, the main victims are women and children.
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