Publish dateThursday 22 September 2022 - 10:45
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Repair of rail and non-rail facilities of Herat-Khowaf railway station
The renovation project of rail and non-rail facilities of Roznak station was opened in the presence of the governor of Herat, the general director of the country's railway, the heads of various departments, a delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran, and members of the media.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: Bakhtur Rahman Sharafat, the general director of the country's railways, said: This is a public benefit project, which will connect Afghanistan with regional and extra-regional countries.
He further added: This project is a valuable and positive step for the progress of Afghanistan and we are trying to complete this project as soon as possible.
Also Sheikh Noor Ahmad Islam Jar; The governor of Herat said in a speech: The local administration will use all its available facilities for the speed and progress of this project.
Islamjar further added: Now with security, we can easily complete half-finished projects.
Next, Zahidullah Ismail Zai; The representative of Cinderella Construction Company, which is responsible for the repair of railway and non-railway facilities, stated: This Company is trying to repair and operate the Herat-Khowaf railway as soon as possible.
The governor of Herat also noted: Herat-Khowaf railway line, which is 63 km long, needs to be repaired in about 10 km, which costs 41,761,500 Afghanis.
He added: The non-rail cost of this project is 12,500,000 Afghanis and they are supposed to complete these repairs in 2 months.
On the other hand, Hamidullah Khadim, head of Chamber of Industries and Mines of Herat province, says that one of the most important projects that should be completed as soon as possible is the railway project.
According to him, transportation lines connect the countries with each other, unfortunately, Afghanistan is currently using the most expensive type of lines, which are transportation lines, and if the railway project is completed, it will have a valuable impact on the trade and economy of the countries concerned. .
Meanwhile, the Herat-Khowaf railway project was opened in 2019, and after the recent developments in the country, its rail and non-rail facilities were seriously damaged, and now the restoration of its rail and non-rail facilities has started again with the presence of a delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran.
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