Publish dateWednesday 2 November 2022 - 13:28
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Tension between North and South Korea: the two countries fired several missiles towards each other
After the recent exercise between America and South Korea, the tension has risen again in the Korean Peninsula. The media reported that in the early hours of Wednesday, November 2, North Korea fired several missiles towards the coast of South Korea. On the other hand, South Korea has also launched 3 missiles towards the northern borders.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): On Wednesday, November 2, the Korean Peninsula was the scene of missile launch by two neighboring countries, North Korea and South Korea. It has been said that North Korea first launched 10 missiles, one of which landed near the territorial waters of South Korea.
On the other hand, the South Korean army has confirmed the firing of 3 air-to-ground missiles towards North Korea and considered it a response to one of Pyongyang's missiles that had landed in the vicinity of South Korean waters an hour before.
A North Korean short-range ballistic missile initially activated the radars by crossing the northern boundary line, which is actually the blue border between the two countries. Warning sirens prompted local residents of Olonongdo Island to evacuate.
The South Korean military has said that since the division of Korea and the 1953 war, this is the first time that a North Korean missile has hit territorial waters (Seoul) at such a close distance. South Korea has said that this missile was only 57 kilometers away from the east of this country.
Japan also confirmed the launch of 10 missiles by North Korea, and the Prime Minister of this country, Fumio Kishida, is scheduled to hold a security meeting in this regard as soon as possible with the presence of members of the National Security Council.
The President of South Korea, Yun Suk-yeol, described this action of his northern neighbor as a "territorial aggression" and called for an emergency meeting of the National Security Council of this country.
The South Korean army has also issued a statement emphasizing that Seoul will respond to any provocation with seriousness.
Analysts and experts on the issues of 2 Korea have described this action by Pyongyang as one of the "most threatening and aggressive" actions in recent years.
In 2010, a North Korean submarine fired a torpedo at the Cheonan ship of South Korea, killing 46 sailors, including 16 conscripts. In November of the same year, North Korea again bombarded one of the border islands, as a result of which 2 soldiers died.
This is while Seoul and Washington are holding one of their largest joint air exercises in history called "Storm Storm" in which a large number of fighters from the two countries are present.
Pyongyang strongly opposes the holding of this exercise and the Secretary of the Workers' Party of North Korea has considered it provocative. At the same time, a high-ranking official in Pyongyang has considered the recent US-South Korean military exercise as similar to "Operation Desert Storm" (the First Persian Gulf War) which took place in 1991 and 1990 under the leadership of the United States and after the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.
The North Korean state news agency has quoted this official as stating that if the United States and South Korea decide to resort to military force against Pyongyang, the North Korean Special Forces will carry out their strategic mission without fear and delay. He added that "Washington and Seoul will face a terrible deal in this case and will pay the highest price in their history."
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