Publish dateTuesday 22 November 2022 - 14:19
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Hard winter in Europe/ The price of fuel increased
The increase in fuel prices in Europe has started while the people of these countries spent a mild autumn season. Now, with the arrival of the winter season, the residents of the Green Continent are worried due to the decrease in the amount of fuel resources.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The price of electricity in France and Germany has increased noticeably since yesterday (Monday, November 21). A decrease in air temperature and an increase in the price of fuel lead to a jump in prices.
The price of electricity distribution in France will increase by 16% in December (Sagittarius and Capricorn) and by 13% in Germany. This amount of increase in Belgium reaches 260 euros per megawatt/hour with an increase of 6-7%.
Europe was able to postpone the price increase for a few weeks due to the warm weather this autumn, but it is expected that the beginning of December will be accompanied by a noticeable decrease in air temperature.
According to French media, French Energy Minister Bruno Le Maire, in an interview with France Info radio, promised to start government aid within the next two to three weeks.
He announced the government's 10 billion euro aid to large companies that are facing "an explosive increase in the fuel invoice" and said: "We have also heard the concerns of small and medium-sized businesses."
While Germany's huge 200 billion euro bailout to protect companies and citizens from rising fuel prices has raised the voice of some other European countries and made them concerned about the impact of this decision on the competitiveness of companies, the French government assures that French companies will enjoy the same support as their German counterparts.
Le Maire warned: "We will enforce the competition rules in Europe as set by the European Commission, but there is a framework for this aid, we cannot do anything about it."
The European Union's common policy of imposing sanctions against Russia not only did not stop the war in Ukraine, but also caused the member states to face an energy crisis; a crisis that seems to have no single solution, contrary to its single origin.
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