Publish dateMonday 5 December 2022 - 11:59
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Proposals for Mine Extraction
The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum is considering the proposals submitted by companies for the extraction of eight major mines in Ghor and Herat provinces.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Speaking to the owners of the companies, the acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Shuhabuddin Delawar, said that the proposals will be determined within 15 days.
The contract for four lead mines located in the western province of Ghor will be awarded.
“Today is Sunday, the last day to collect the proposals, and we will start looking into it starting tomorrow. A committee comprised of several ministries, which is led by the Mines and Petroleum ministry, has been formed,” Delawar said.
The Afghanistan Chamber of Industry and Mines (ACIM) said that the extraction of mines will create jobs for the citizens and increase the income of the country.
“The mines are both national assets and the main source of raw material for our industrial sector,” said Mohammad Karim Azimi, a member of the ACIM.
“Afghanistan’s mines, which are a national asset, can help the country if extracted set levels and exported with valuable currency worldwide,” said Darya Khan, an economist.
During the ceremony, five companies won the contract of five chromite mines located in the southeastern province of Paktia.
“The bidding has happened with transparency and we won a contract for mining in the Orjali areas of Tani district of Khost province,” said Abdul Latif Waheedi, head of a private company.
Earlier, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum said that within the last year, contracts for more than 180 small mines were given to domestic companies.
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