Publish dateTuesday 6 December 2022 - 11:12
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No one can enter the territory of Afghanistan by one meter along the borders
The Minister of Defense of the Islamic Emirate emphasized on the protection of the borders of Afghanistan in a meeting with a number of businessmen and citizens of Afghanistan living in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, December 4, and said: "No one can enter the territory of Afghanistan even one meter along our borders."
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The page of the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Emirate on Twitter has published several videos of the speech of Mullah Mohammad Yaqob Mujahid.
In one of his videos, he says: "Along our borders, no one can enter one meter into Afghanistan's soil." We will protect the privacy of our homeland at any cost and this is my promise and commitment. Our life and death is in this country and we serve Afghans as much as we can."
But he did not mention any specific country.
However, the defense minister of the Islamic Emirate had previously accused Pakistan of allowing the US to enter Afghanistan's airspace and launch an operation by crossing the country's airspace.
At the same time, Mullah Yaqob Mujahid, in his speech to the gathering of Afghan businessmen in the UAE, emphasized the unity and acceptance among the different ethnic groups of the country, and their presence in the political and economic sectors.
"Let's make our new generation understand to eliminate discrimination," he said. All ethnic groups are the people of Afghanistan and they have rights in Afghanistan, and they should be given a share in both economy and politics. Every Afghan and every brother who wants to serve Afghanistan can do so."
He assured that he will try to increase the presence of ethnic groups in the government structure.
Mullah Yaqob severely criticized the presence of foreign countries in Afghanistan and considered them to be the cause of Afghanistan's "misfortune" and "problems" during the last five decades.
He said: "History is proof that every foreigner who came to Afghanistan, misery, controversy and problems increased. Foreigners came in the name of development and left Afghanistan in a state that the previous settlements took with them.
He claimed that the reconstruction of Afghanistan was done by the Afghans themselves: "We are building our own country and we are committed to this and we promise to use our energy for the development of our country."
Mullah Yaqob said that the world has used its war equipment in Afghanistan for 40-50 years, and now it is time to rebuild the homeland by the hands of its citizens.
Meanwhile, the Acting Minister of Defense of the Islamic Emirate, during his trip to the United Arab Emirates, met with the head of the government of this country, Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and discussed various issues.
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