Publish dateSaturday 17 December 2022 - 14:44
Story Code : 262466
Cutting off Europe
The European Defense Agency (EDA) has warned that America cannot always be a shield for Europe against (military) threats and that we should think about ourselves. According to this agency, Russia's war against Ukraine revealed the lack of European capability.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Reuters News Agency from Brussels, by publishing this news, added: The European Union Defense Agency pointed out that European countries should jointly buy military equipment and replace and complete their stockpile of weapons after supplying Ukraine with weapons.
Jiri Sedivy, the executive director of the European Defense Agency, said: "Russia's war against Ukraine has shown the lack of our ability, what is important is to be able to transform the European Union into a reliable provider of security in the protection of citizens."
He added: America will inevitably be involved in the Asia-Pacific region in the future, and as a result, it will not be able to provide for us some important issues such as strategic air transport, reconnaissance aircraft, precision guided missiles and air defense.
According to this report, the European Defense Agency is engaged in negotiations with European arms companies regarding the increase in production and also consults for the joint cooperation of countries in the field of purchasing military equipment and required ammunition.
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