Publish dateWednesday 21 December 2022 - 11:43
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America: The expansion of relations with Kabul depends on the implementation of its commitments
The US State Department says that the expansion of Washington's relations with Kabul will depend on the caretaker government's restriction of its commitments.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Ned Price, the spokesperson of the US State Department, says that any interaction with the Islamic Emirate will be based on their actions in the field of human rights.
Mr. Price added that Washington is trying to force the caretaker government to respect human rights.
In this regard, Ned Price says: "In all cases where we interact with the Taliban, the issue of human rights is the priority of our work. Undoubtedly, we remind not only the commitments made by the Taliban for the United States of America, but also the commitments made by the Taliban to protect the fundamental rights of the people of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate asks the United States of America to take the path of understanding and dialogue to eliminate the problems.
Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, said: (The rules and principles in the Islamic Emirate are all related to Islamic rules. Progress in this matter is not possible because it is part of our religion and Sharia. We cannot leave the application of Sharia to them. Or from the rules of Sharia. Anyway, interaction and understanding provide the basis for progress and America should do this).
On the other hand, a number of political experts believe that the improvement of relations between Kabul and Washington will eliminate the country's political and economic problems.
Aziz Ma'araj, an expert on political issues, said: (Establishing relations with America and the world is in the interest of Afghanistan. Many economic and political problems of Afghanistan can be solved with it).
Jannat Fahim Chakri, an expert on political issues, said: (Afghan government's relationship with the United States of America is one of the basic conditions of governance. The Islamic Emirate should solve its political problems with the United States of America through diplomacy and dialogue).
This is despite the fact that more than fifteen months have passed since the return to power of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, but so far no country has recognized the caretaker government.
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