Publish dateSunday 8 January 2023 - 10:36
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Increasing exports from Balkh
The local officials of Balkh have announced the increase in exports through the Hairatan port, and they say that in 9 months of this year, more than 513,000 tons of commercial goods have been exported through this port.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: According to officials in the Department of Industry and Trade and Balkh Chambers of Commerce, providing security and reducing corruption has led to an increase in exports from Hairatan port.
According to them, most of the goods exported from Hairatan port are carpets, dry fruits, biscuits and medicinal herbs, which are exported to neighboring countries and the region.
Officials added that in the last month, more than 56,000 tons of export items have been exported through Hairatan port.
Amir Mohammad Muttaqi, head of industry and trade of Balkh, told AVA today (Sunday, January 8, 2023) that 56 thousand 713 tons of export materials were exported from Hairatan port in the month of Sagittarius.
He added that exports from Hairatan Port show an increase, that 531 thousand 278 tons of export and transit materials were exported from Hairatan Port in 9 months of this year.
Meanwhile, Asadullah Asadi, the head of Balkh Chambers of Commerce and Industry, stated that the reason for the increase in exports is to provide security and reduce corruption.
He said that after the domination of the Islamic Emirate, exports in the country have increased.
At the same time, economic experts in Balkh say that the increase in exports plays an important role in the country's self-sufficiency, and that the government and people should support businessmen.
Sher Ahmed Sepahizada, the expert on economic issues in Balkh, said: "Increasing exports is an important way for the country to be self-sufficient, if the government supports it and the people buy local products."
This is despite the fact that Afghanistan still imports most of the products it needs from neighboring countries and the export is very small compared to the import, but the officials of the Islamic Emirate have always promised to increase the export by providing the foreign market.
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