Publish dateFriday 20 January 2023 - 13:45
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Zelensky to Germany: Give us tanks
Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the president of Ukraine, directly requested Germany to provide its tanks to Kiev, before the sensitive negotiations of tens of western allies of this country at the Ramstein Air Base in southern Germany. This is despite the fact that Germany previously said that it provided military helmets to Ukrainian soldiers; A position that caused ridicule.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: While the United States and European countries promised to send more equipment to counter the Russian invasion to Ukraine, Berlin is under increasing pressure to allow sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.
"If you have Leopard tanks, give them to us," Mr. Zelensky told a German television station.
In a statement criticizing the hesitant action of the German government, he said: "These leopards are not entering Russian territory, but we are defending ourselves."
Defense officials from more than 50 countries are scheduled to meet in Ramstein, Germany, a day after the United States and several European countries pledged to send more equipment to help Ukraine.
Almost 11 months after the start of Russia's war against Ukraine, NATO military officials believe Moscow is planning a new spring offensive with forces it gained in a general mobilization in late September.
Britain recently provided 14 battle tanks to Kiev, but Ukraine wants more tanks.
Germany, as the country that manufactures Leopard tanks, must give permission to countries like Poland or Finland before they commit to sending these tanks. However, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski warned on Friday that Warsaw could take "non-standard measures" if Berlin strongly resists.
The adviser to the Polish Minister of Defense has also said that Ukraine's allies face a "simple choice" on Friday.
Berlin said this week that a decision on the Leopard is contingent on the US agreeing to send Abrams tanks, a decision the US has no intention of making. But Boris Pistorius, Germany's new defense minister, said he was not aware of "such a condition".
Russia, for its part, has warned Western countries that providing tanks to its enemy would lead to a "very dangerous" escalation of the conflict.
On Thursday, Western countries pledged to send more vehicles, artillery and ammunition to bolster Ukraine's war effort.
The United States pledged a new aid worth 2.5 billion dollars and announced that since the Russian invasion last February, the volume of its aid to Ukraine has reached 26.7 billion dollars.
The new US aid does not include tanks, but the Pentagon has promised to provide 59 Bradley armored vehicles, 90 Stryker personnel carriers and air defense systems.
This announcement was made after nine European countries pledged more support after a meeting in Estonia, including:
Britain: 600 Brimstone missiles
Denmark: 19 Caesar howitzers made in France
Estonia: ammunition, howitzers, anti-tank missiles and support vehicles
Latvia: Stinger air defense system, two helicopters and several drones
Lithuania: anti-aircraft machine guns and two helicopters
Poland: anti-aircraft machine gun S 60 and 70 thousand pieces of ammunition
Czech Republic: howitzers and armored personnel carriers
The Netherlands is set to announce its list of military aid on Friday.
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