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"Mike Pompeo
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Today’s view: Mike Pompeo pointing the finger of accusation towards Ashraf Ghani in the issue that he has wasted the blood of American soldiers, is yet another cover for the wrong military policies and strategies of the United States in attacking and occupying Afghanistan.
America's disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan; this is the second time in which the US military has withdrawn from a country that has been attacked. In the 20th century Vietnam and in this century Afghanistan. Certainly, both cases do not clearly question America's claim of humanitarianism, but for us Afghans and especially for our politicians and government officials, the humiliating departure of Americans from Afghanistan and the numerous positions and comments made by the country's officials after that bring lessons and tips.
In the past few days, the memoir "Never Fail" written by Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State, was published, parts of which are dedicated to Afghanistan.
It can be said that today no one is as upset and depressed as Ashraf Ghani from reading Mike Pompeo's memoirs. He, who had taken power in Afghanistan directly with the support of America, and after a long election struggle, it was John Kerry who held his hand higher than that of his rival, Abdullah Abdullah, as a seal of approval for Ghani's control over power. It would not allow the page to be turned and a day will come when each of the American officials will somehow put all the blame on this fugitive president.
Perhaps since the day when Joe Biden clearly announced that he is the fourth president of the United States who is struggling with the problem of Afghanistan and will not allow this legacy to reach the next president of this country, gradually this certainty of Ashraf Ghani, for whom America is a safe support, collapsed. However, he was not disappointed and even went to America a few weeks before the Islamic Emirate took over Afghanistan, so that he might be able to change Joe Biden's decision to withdraw American soldiers by August 31, 2021; But when he faced his negative answer, he lost the rhyme. That is why he ran away from the country on the Augest 15, 2021 so much so that even some of the people closest to him were stunned by this sudden escape.
It was this shameful escape that gave Hilary Clinton the courage to describe Ashraf Ghani as a cowardly and cowardly president in a speech a few months later, and in this way she had the opportunity to reduce the pressure of American public opinion on Joe Biden's government because of the disgraceful withdrawal of their soldiers from Afghanistan. In fact, by stepping on the honor of Ashraf Ghani, Clinton did not want to cover up the disgrace of his country's disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan.
And now, in the latest case of American officials' statements about the fugitive president of Afghanistan, Mike Pompeo claims in his book that Ashraf Ghani was the "worst" leader he met.
The former US foreign minister introduces Ashraf Ghani as a person who was never willing to sacrifice for his country and upsets him: "Ghani was a complete fraud who wasted the lives of American soldiers to get to power."
Mike Pompeo's pointing finger towards Ashraf Ghani in the issue that he has wasted the blood of American soldiers is yet another cover for the wrong military policies and strategies of the United States in attacking and occupying Afghanistan.
Of course, Abdullah Abdullah is also mentioned in Pompeo's book: "Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah allowed corruption gangs to steal millions of dollars in American aid."
In this part of Pompeo's speech, we again see the projection of this American official. Yes, systematic corruption was definitely going on in Afghanistan during the republican period, but the important point here is that it was the American governments that played the role of facilitating and directing corruption in Afghanistan; The issue that was also mentioned in Amrullah Saleh's reaction to the publication of Pompeo's book, where he says: "The overthrow of the previous government of Afghanistan caused the American financial frauds to be buried."
In another part of the book of the former US Secretary of State, which is dedicated to Afghanistan, it is said about Ashraf Ghani: "Ashraf Ghani lacked credibility among Afghan leaders and was never a suitable leader for that war-torn and fragmented country." Here too, America itself should be directly responsible for being Ashraf Ghani's supporter and the main factor behind his rise to office in the presidential arena and taking over power.
It can be said that the publication of Mike Pompeo's words about Ashraf Ghani once again exposed the dirty nature of American rulers. Yankees who do not show the slightest mercy even to their most loyal servants who have no duty except to deliver to the door of America and are ready to trample on the lost dignity and honor of those henchmen in order to purify their disgrace.
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