Publish dateSunday 29 January 2023 - 14:45
Story Code : 264543
40  people died after a passenger bus fell into a valley in Pakistan
Government officials of Pakistan say that 40 citizens of this country died as a result of the accident of a passenger bus falling into the valley.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Hamza Anjam Nadeem, a local official, told the Associated Press news agency that this bus was carrying 44 passengers from Quetta in Balochistan province, which was heading to Karachi in neighboring Sindh province. This incident happened near Bela city, in Las Bela region.
This Pakistani official added that the bodies of 40 people, including women and children, were found. However, 4 passengers survived the accident and were injured.
This accident happened due to high speed and the bus hitting the bridge column. Then it fell to the bottom of the valley and caught fire.
Nadeem said that following the Bess fire, the bodies of the passengers are unidentifiable and the remains are being transported to Karachi for DNA sampling. After identification, the bodies are supposed to be handed over to the relatives of the victims.
Road accidents in Pakistan are generally caused by traffic violations and thousands of people die every year in this country.
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