Publish dateMonday 30 January 2023 - 11:28
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Will the madman return to the palace?
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Today's view: Hard-line Trumpists are fighting for the return of their norm-breaking leader to power, and on the other hand, moderate liberals are worried about the consequences of the madman's re-entry into the palace.
Donald Trump; The former president of the United States officially started his election campaign to participate in the upcoming presidential elections of that country.
In his first speech at the meeting of the Republican Party in the state of New Hampshire, America, he said: Under the Biden government, our nation is being destroyed by a selfish, radical and corrupt governing body.
He also added that "we are starting our work.”I will start my work as a presidential candidate from New Hampshire."
He emphasized that "I am more serious than before and now I am more committed than ever."
This is despite the fact that from now on, not only the American society; Rather, even the Republican Party itself has suffered a deep polarization due to Trump's ambitious will to participate in the elections.
Hard-line Trumpists are scrambling to return their disruptive leader to power, and moderate liberals, on the other hand, are worried about the consequences of the madman's re-entry into the palace.
This duality has even penetrated the national borders of America and has become a global issue; Because Trump caused the formation of a political school or ideology called "Trumpism". Extreme rightists, nationalists, anti-immigrants, Anglo-Saxons, neo-Nazis, modern fascists, anti-Islamists, Jews, and ardent supporters of conspiracy theories are considered followers of Trumpism.
They imagine that their world has been usurped and occupied by others; Therefore, they should "return the greatness to it again".
Extreme nationalist movements take inspiration from Trump's approach to discrediting democratic processes. They believe that the ruling parties, in the name of democracy, have taken over the fate of the people and do not allow patriotic elements outside the framework of traditional parties to climb to the top of the power pyramid; Therefore, questioning the election results is one of the most important tools they use.
In the meantime, the attack on the Congress building, which is considered a symbol of democracy in the West, happened on the same day that it happened in America during the Trump era and the command room of this operation was located in the oval room of the White House, this year was also repeated in Brazil.
He is referred to as the "Trump of Brazil"; someone who, just like Trump, has a reputation for making crazy decisions and recklessly implementing insane policies.
Of course, Trump has many similar examples. Among them are Boris Johnson; Former Prime Minister of England, Marine Le Pen; the nationalist leader of the National Front of France, Rodrigo Duterte; The former President of the Philippines.
It is because of these widespread effects that the emergence of the ideology of Trumpism and the formation of a dangerous current of radical nationalism in the world are said to be directly influenced by the unusual behavior of the crazy former president of America.
He is against traditional unions such as the European Union, NATO, and even the United Nations, which is why he withdrew from several international organizations and collective agreements. He imagines that America spends its funds in vain for the survival of these worn-out organizations and is responsible for feeding and supplying the extensive bureaucracy that these organizations have created. Trump supported Brexit, pressured European powers to pay more for NATO military spending, entered into a trade war with Europe, built a wall along the border with Mexico to curb immigration, and discredited movements inside the US. He strongly supported.
These populist approaches are acceptable and popular for many American people and large sections of people in Europe; Because it looks brave, controversial and unconventional. Many people get excited about making changes to established systems. They care less about the consequences of this, and Trump can easily ride the wave of the crowd's emotions with his crazy violations and push his populist policies on the support of the majority.
In a sense, he is a superman in the style of Hollywood horror films, as if he is on a mission to lead the world into terrible chaos, deadly conflicts and massive polarizations, disrupting decades of order and stability.
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