Publish dateMonday 30 January 2023 - 13:46
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NATO asked to strengthen South Korea
At the same time as the war in Ukraine continues and tensions rise in Europe over support for Ukraine, NATO Secretary General asked South Korea to increase its military support to Kiev.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): NATO Secretary General Jens Stollenberg, in his trip to Seoul and the first step of his trip to South Korea and Japan, seeks to strengthen and consolidate relations with America's allies in the Ukraine war and increase competition with China is
In his speech at the Chi Foundation for Advanced Studies in Seoul, NATO Secretary General thanked South Korea for its assistance to Ukraine; But at the same time, he urged this country to provide more military support and added that now there is an urgent need for war ammunition for Ukraine.
He said: "I encourage South Korea to continue and start working on special issues of military support. In the end, the decision is yours, but I must say that many NATO allies, who never had a policy of exporting weapons to countries that are at war, changed this policy after Russia's attack on Ukraine.
In Stollenberg's meeting with South Korean officials, he noted that events in Europe and the United States are converging to other regions, and that allies want help managing global threats by increasing partnerships in Asia.
South Korea has signed major deals since the start of the Ukraine war to provide NATO member Poland with hundreds of tanks, planes and other weapons. Despite this, South Korean President Yoon Seok-yul had previously announced that his country's laws, which are against providing weapons to warring countries, have made it difficult to provide weapons to Ukraine.
In response to the words of the President of South Korea, the Secretary General of NATO said that countries like Germany, Sweden and Norway had policies similar to South Korea's, but they changed them. He also emphasized that Russia's failure to win this war is extremely important, and this issue is not only important for Ukraine, but it also avoids sending the wrong message to authoritarian governments, including China, that you can get what you want by using force.
Referring to the increase in Beijing's military capabilities and its performance in the region, NATO Secretary General said that although China is not a competitor or opponent of NATO, it has been included in NATO's agenda in a more and more special way. He also added that we should enter into dialogue with China on issues such as arms control, climate change and other issues.
The NATO Secretary General's visit to Seoul coincides with the visit of US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who arrived in Seoul today for talks with his counterpart Lee Jong-sup.
Last year, South Korea opened its first diplomatic office with NATO and pledged to strengthen ties and cooperation with NATO members in the fields of cyber defense, counter-terrorism and regional security issues.
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