Publish dateSunday 5 February 2023 - 10:50
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Britain trains Ukrainian soldiers
The British Prime Minister's Office has announced that the country will train the Ukrainian forces in the use of Challenger 2 tanks.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Rishi Sunak's office, the Prime Minister of England issued a statement and announced that in this telephone call, the leaders of the two countries discussed and exchanged views on the latest situation of the war in Ukraine, and Sunak said that the focus is on this. If the British military defense equipment will reach the front line of Ukraine as soon as possible.
According to this statement, the British Prime Minister added: "As part of this search, Ukrainian soldiers have started training the Challenger 2 tanks this week in the UK." He continued that he met the Ukrainian soldiers in England a week ago and admired their bravery.
In the following statement, it was said that the two sides agreed on the need to accelerate the sending of international aid to Ukraine "to use the opportunity to push back the Russian forces and also examine how they can support the long-term capability of the Ukrainian armed forces."
Since the start of the war in Ukraine, England has become an active player in this battle, and by adopting anti-Russian positions, sending military weapons and sanctions against Russia, tensions and conflicts have increased.
Prime Minister Ann Kishore said in a phone call with the President of Ukraine 24 months ago that Kishore will send Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine in support of Kiev. And then, in contact with the leaders of America, France, Germany and Italy, with the repeated claim of Russia's withdrawal from the territory of Ukraine, he emphasized the need for increased military support from Kiev.
At the same time, the senior British military has warned about sending advanced war equipment to Ukraine and its effect on the conflict. Russia has also warned that if the movements of the West (sending tanks and advanced combat equipment) may lead to the reaction of the country in the use of more powerful weapons.
It should be noted that the Challenger 2 tank is armored and highly mobile, designed for use in direct fire areas. The real purpose of this tank is to destroy the equipment of the enemy. Also, the ability to engage with hard and soft targets is one of the other characteristics of this tank, if it can act in high-intensity conflicts, counter-insurgency and peacekeeping.
The Challenger 2 is equipped with a 120 mm L30 cannon, although it has a high penetrating radius and fires high-explosive high-explosive squash head (HESH) ammunition. Other weapons include a 7.62mm chain rifle and a 7.62mm pistol.
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