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The use of domestic products is the government
During a trip to Herat Province, the Minister of Industry and Trade examined the challenges and problems of the businessmen of this province and promised to solve these problems. Stating that the Islamic Emirate gives priority to domestic products, he emphasized that the officials are trying to provide the necessary facilities for the traders.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: Nooruddin Azizi, Minister of Industry and Trade of the country, on his fourth trip to Herat, met with the businessmen of this province and examined their problems.
The Minister of Industry and Trade stressed the support of private sector businessmen and stated that we defend the private sector and support every entrepreneur who works in every province.
Mr. Azizi said in the gathering of traders that the Islamic Emirate has given priority to domestic products and is trying to provide the necessary facilities for traders.
In the continuation of his speech, he mentioned the electricity of the industrial town and added that at the moment, because the neighboring countries have problems in producing electricity, there are disconnections in the industrial town, but soon special electricity will be connected to the industrial town.
Meanwhile, Maulana Naeem-ul-Haq Haqqani, the head of information and culture of Herat, asked the Minister of Industry to solve the problems faced by the traders.
Maulana Haqqani further added: Herat has its own demands which are expected to be addressed by the Minister of Industry and Trade during his visit to this province.
The head of information and culture of Herat added: the industrial town of this province should be self-sufficient in the electricity sector and facilities should be provided for businessmen in this field.
Meanwhile, Najibullah Khairandish, head of the Herat Food Union, said: "Traders support the Islamic Emirate by paying tax and express their gratitude to the Emirate's forces."
Addressing the country's industry minister, he said: Herat is an industrial city, so take care of the problems of businessmen in this city so that they grow.
On the other hand, Hayatullah Mohajer Farahi, deputy minister of the Ministry of Information and Culture, said: The wish of all the people and officials of the Islamic Emirate is to have a self-sufficient Afghanistan.
The Minister of Publications of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the country stated: The Islamic Emirate is trying to take steps towards the economic growth of businessmen.
Also, Maulavi Shir Ahmad Ammar Mohajer, head of Herat's foreign relations, also announced the solution to the problems of traders in the overseas sector.
He further emphasized: This department is trying to make it easier for traders so that they can import raw materials without any problems.
It should be mentioned that Herat province is one of the industrial provinces in the country, which has productions in various sectors of industrial materials and food.
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