Publish dateTuesday 7 February 2023 - 16:20
Story Code : 265108
Promise of local authorities; the problems of local media in Herat province will be solved to the extent of the ministry
A number of journalists and media owners in Herat province met today (Tuesday, February 7, 2023) with the head of information and culture of this province and discussed their problems and expectations. In this meeting, the head of information and culture promised the journalists of this province to cooperate and solve their problems up to the ministry level.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: In this meeting, Maulana Naeem-ul-Haq Haqqani, the head of information and culture in Herat, emphasized on strengthening and coordinating more with media officials and the regime.
He further stated: More communication with the Department of Information, Culture and Media will allow this department to follow up on the problems of the media.
Maulana Haqqani also noted: If there is a problem in the media, this department can fix it up to the ministry level.
The head of information and culture of Herat also added that access to information is always possible through the directorate of information and culture.
In the continuation of this meeting, journalists also emphasized on the officialization of YouTube in this province.
They say that YouTubers mostly work separately from the media.
Journalists emphasized that the control of YouTubers is mandatory according to the determination of a law from the center of the country.
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