Publish dateMonday 27 February 2023 - 09:39
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People in Europe protested against NATO and sending weapons to Ukraine
The people of Italy, England, Germany, France and Spain demonstrated against the NATO organization and the sending of weapons to Ukraine from the West, and accused the European and American governments of warmongering.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Thousands of Italian people protested on the streets of Rome last night against Western politicians for sending weapons to Ukraine. The former prime minister of Italy also demanded to stop sending weapons to Ukraine.
Speakers in this rally announced that the all-round support of the United States and NATO to Ukraine has caused unprecedented high prices, double-digit inflation, and stable recession in the green continent, especially in Italy.
Giuseppe Conte, the leader of Italy's "Five Star Movement" party and the former prime minister of this country, who was present in the anti-war and NATO demonstrations, has called for an end to the war and the start of peace talks, while opposing the sending of new weapons to Ukraine.
Conte has said that the West should have started peace talks from the very beginning and at the same time as sending the first military shipment to Ukraine.
The former prime minister of Italy has stated that it is very difficult to hold peace talks at the moment, but it is the only way to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.
  At the same time, thousands of people in England demonstrated in the main streets of London with the slogan "No to war" on the one-year anniversary of the Ukrainian war.
At the same time, the people of France, Germany and Spain also expressed their opposition to NATO's warlike policies in a protest meeting.
Protests against the NATO military organization and the sending of weapons by Western countries to Ukraine are taking place on the anniversary of this war, while in recent weeks, major European cities have witnessed massive protests against Western policies regarding the war in Ukraine.
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