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Learning education is the right of every person/ By supporting education, Afghanistan will progress!
Deputy students of the Ministry of Higher Deputy Education of the Islamic Emirate at the two-day exhibition "Education, Vocation and Tahsil" in Kabul, stating that there is no opposition to education in any religion or government system, added: Afghanistan will progress with the support of education and education.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Today (Thursday, March 2) the two-day exhibition "Education, Vocation and Tehsil" by the Department of Technical and Vocational Education of the Islamic Emirate with the presence of representatives of educational institutions, government departments and the private sector at Intercontinental Hotel Kabul Opened.
Officials of the exhibition "Education, Profession and Education" state that the purpose of holding this exhibition is to introduce the educational services of universities and educational institutions for young people and those interested in education.
Maulavi Mohammad Tahir Ahmad, deputy of students of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Islamic Emirate, said: Learning education is the right of every person and there has been no opposition to education in any religion or government system.
This official of the Ministry of Higher Education considers the position of education in various heavenly religions to be very important and says that Afghanistan will progress by supporting education.
Hayatullah Mohajer Farahi, deputy of publications of the Ministry of Information and Culture, also said in this program: the education sector of the country has organized this exhibition in cooperation with the Technical and Professional Department.
He pointed out that the Islamic Emirate will support the country's education sector in order to strengthen the foundations of the system.
Hayatullah Mohajer Farahi stressed that we should help Afghanistan to progress and self-sufficiency.
Maulvi Ghulam Haider Shah, head of the Technical and Vocational Education Department of the Islamic Emirate, also said: Our exhibition today is about supporting education, and education is the most important issue in Islam.
He added that the elders of Islam have also emphasized the importance of education.
The head of the Technical and Vocational Education Department stated that they support the private sector of the country in all aspects.
He added that the Department of Vocational Technical Education will hold another exhibition in the near future with the slogan "Compatriots, stay in the country!"
The head of this department stated that in the hundred years of its establishment, it has not had a standard educational curriculum, and with the arrival of the Islamic Emirate, the curriculum of this department has been adjusted to international standards.
On the other hand, Qadratullah Jamal, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, said: Afghanistan will be built from the foundation when everyone works together.
He says that security is ensured throughout Afghanistan and the private sector should work together with the government to improve the country's economic situation.
Jamal said: "The Ministry of Industry and Trade is committed to solving the problem of the private sector, businessmen should all make efforts in the economic field."
However, Mohammad Yunus Momand, deputy of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, said: holding exhibitions represents the efforts of the government's private sector, and these exhibitions showcase the latest achievements and progress of the society.
He informed that soon a big exhibition will be held in Kabul with the presence of thousands of manufacturing companies.
Yunus Momand asked all the government departments to have comprehensive cooperation with the private sector, so that the businessmen can make Afghanistan self-sufficient.
The exhibition of education, profession and education has been opened in Kabul while the universities are supposed to start working in colder areas by the 15th of August, but the universities and schools of the country are still closed to girls.
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