Publish dateSaturday 4 March 2023 - 10:39
Story Code : 266393
Lavrov: Why Afghanistan never dominated G20 discussions
Russian Foreign Minister hit out at western nations, and claiming that they ignored the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia in previous deliberations of the grouping.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, “I asked my Indian friends, my Indonesian friends who chaired the G20, and those who chaired before Indonesia, whether the G20 has ever reflected the situation in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan or Yugoslavia in its declarations, because the G20 was formed in 1999 at the level of finance ministers and central bankers/ But nobody cared,” Lavrov said speaking at the Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi.
“Now, after Russia started defending itself after years of warnings, the G20 is only interested in Ukraine. This is a shame, and this policy will fail,” Lavrov stressed.
The G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting was held in New Delhi on March 1-2. The top diplomats discussed food and energy security and cooperation for sustainable development, counterterrorism, new and emerging threats, humanitarian and other disaster relief, and the implications of the situation in Ukraine for other countries.
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