Publish dateMonday 20 March 2023 - 12:20
Story Code : 267183
The leader of North Korea called for nuclear preparedness against America and South Korea
On Monday morning, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called for readiness to launch nuclear strikes at any time in order to deter war against the US and South Korea.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): "Kim Jong-un", the leader of North Korea, has accused the US and South Korea of expanding joint military exercises using nuclear weapons and equipment and of his country's readiness to carry out nuclear attacks against these countries.
North Korea's official news agency, while publishing Kim's statement, reported that Pyongyang conducted nuclear tactical exercises to send strong messages to the US and its allies.
According to this report, in these exercises, a ballistic missile was fired that flew 800 kilometers.
North Korea has fired several missiles, including an intercontinental ballistic missile, in the past few days.
These launches were carried out at the same time as the 11-day exercise between South Korea and the United States in the region. North Korea considers US joint exercises in the region as a threat against it and has always warned against them.
Meanwhile, the special representatives of the United States, South Korea and Japan on Sunday condemned the launch of a ballistic missile by North Korea and demanded a "unified response" from the international community to this action by Pyongyang.
They also agreed to maintain a defensive posture against North Korea and strengthen trilateral security cooperation to provide an "effective response to threats" from Pyongyang.
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