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Governor of Bamyan: Education plays an essential role in the development of a nation
Yesterday, the first day of 1402 AH, in the presence of high-ranking local officials of Bamyan, teachers and students, the new academic year began with the ringing of the school bell at Zakur High School in the center of Bamyan province. The governor of Bamyan said that education plays an essential role in the development of a nation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Bamyan: The press office of Bamyan province has announced the beginning of the new school year in this province by publishing a newsletter.
It has been said that during the opening ceremony of the new academic year, Maulvi Abdullah Sarhadhi, the governor of Bamyan, said that education plays an essential role in the development of a nation. Therefore, we are also trying to make our society grow and excel in terms of science and culture.
The governor of Bamyan called the role of scholars and nobles important in the direction of publishing and promoting Islamic knowledge and added: Scholars have the duty to teach the teachings of Islam, the rules of the Qur'an and divine instructions to school students in the correct way and encourage them to learn Islamic knowledge. .
Maulvi Sarhadi asked the education officials and teachers not to differentiate between school and school. He added: Officials and teachers should not make a difference between school and school and realize that they should not waste students' time and use every moment to educate students.
The governor of Bamyan has said that teachers, while providing students with the knowledge they need today, should familiarize them with the traditions, morals, and thoughts of the great Prophet of Islam and his companions, and refrain from fueling religious and ethnic prejudices. Their goal is the growth of their students.
Sheikh Nazer Jafari, the head of education of Bamyan province, also stressed on the protection of educational property in the country and said that the education department of Bamyan province is fully prepared to meet the needs of schools such as tents, books and stationery.
He added that they have also discussed the problems of the schools, including the lack of repair and classrooms, with the leadership of the Ministry of Education, which will be built in the new year's development program for schools.
At the same time, the head of education in Bamyan announced the planting of 14,200 fruitful and non-fruitful saplings to create greenery in the schools of Bamyan province.
It should be mentioned that every year at the beginning of the new solar year, schools in the cold provinces of the country are opened to students by ringing the educational bell.
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