Publish dateThursday 23 March 2023 - 11:44
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Prohibiting the sale of meat on Sundays in order to promote the culture of using vegetables in Kandahar
In order to promote the culture of using vegetables, the municipality of Kandahar province has banned the slaughter of animals and the sale of meat on Sundays.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kandahar: Hassan Haji Sahib, the mayor of Kandahar, said in an interview with AVA: The purpose of banning the sale of meat on Sundays is to promote the culture of using vegetables as food, to improve the work of farmers, and also to prevent the slaughter of more than It is the limit of livestock.
He added that after the implementation of this law, butchers and restaurant owners will not be allowed to slaughter animals or sell meat on Sundays. If this law is not implemented, the shops and restaurants of the violators will be closed.
Khan Mohammad, one of the tarkari sellers in Kandahar city, told AVA: He has been selling vegetables for seven years, before the sale of meat was not banned, the sale of vegetables was low. But after the municipality of Kandahar announced a ban on the sale of meat one day a week, the purchase of vegetables has increased compared to the past.
Hajiullah Gul, the general lawyer of Kandahar butchers, also told AVA bout the ban on selling meat on Sundays: during the republic, it was forbidden to sell meat on Sundays and Wednesdays, at that time the butchers suffered a lot of financial loss and the meat was spoiled. but with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, Wednesdays were exempted and the sale of meat was prohibited only on Sundays, which reduced financial losses and prevented meat from spoiling.
He added: They are unemployed on Sundays, they don't sell meat and they don't slaughter animals.
Imam Nazar, the owner of a restaurant in Kandahar, told AVA: I have been running a restaurant in Kandahar for 8 years, and most of the dishes we serve contain meat. But after banning the sale of meat on Sundays, it offers customers meat-free dishes, which has made our customers relatively less.
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