Publish dateThursday 23 March 2023 - 11:56
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The people of Ghazni hope that the price of food will decrease in this province
Citizens and shopkeepers in Ghazni Province say that the prices of food items such as flour, rice oil, etc. have become cheaper compared to some time ago and people are happy about this.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) -Ghazni: Sharif, a shopkeeper in Ghazni, said in an interview with AVA: The price of flour and oil has decreased to a certain extent, as the price of one kind of Kazakh flour was 5,000 Afghani two months ago, and now it is 4,000 and that's it. The price of 16 liters of oil was 2,900 two months ago, and now it has become 1,800 afghanis. Similarly, the price of 10 liters of oil has increased from 1,600 to 1,000 afghanis. Similarly, the prices of beans and rice have also changed to some extent.
Haji Faqir, another shopkeeper, said that the price of flour and oil has decreased to some extent compared to two or three months ago, but the price of vegetables and fruits has multiplied as the weather gets colder.
Although a number of citizens of Ghazni are optimistic about the decrease in the price of flour and oil; But they say that food has not become cheaper in that way yet.
Haider, another citizen said in this regard that the price of flour and oil has decreased by 200-300, but due to the lack of suitable work, there are people who cannot afford to buy at this price, and the government should provide work for the citizens.
At the same time, Abdul Wali Jalal Zai; An official of Ghazni municipality, while confirming the decrease in prices, told AVA that price control by the municipality has caused the price of food items and many other items to decrease.
It should be noted that the import of flour and oil continues into the country as before, and most of the flour enters the country from the north.
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