Publish dateFriday 24 March 2023 - 12:10
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The continuation of the crisis in the Israeli army; Navy officers closed the road leading to the port of Ashdod
Following the crisis in the Zionist army, a number of navy officers protesting Netanyahu's plan to weaken the judiciary today blocked the road leading to Ashdod port.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Zionist media reported the continuation of protests in occupied Palestine against Benjamin Netanyahu's "judicial reform" bill and announced that today (Thursday, March 23), graduates of the navy of this regime held demonstrations They blocked the southern entrance road of "Ashdod" port located in the west of the occupied territories. A number of Zionist demonstrators also set fire to car tires at the entrance of Ashdod port, and a number of protesters in Tel Aviv also blocked the Kablan road.
This is despite the fact that two weeks ago, a number of reserve forces in the Zionist Navy closed the port of Haifa to the movement of boats and announced that this action was done in protest against the "judicial reform" laws desired by Netanyahu.
The process of protests against Benjamin Netanyahu's policies has been extended to the military and security institutions for some time and is becoming wider day by day, and more officers and soldiers are declaring that they are no longer willing to serve in the military.
The Times newspaper of the Zionist regime published the news that a number of reserve forces in the navy joined the protests against the change of judicial laws by Netanyahu's cabinet and closed the port of Haifa.
Previously, the sources of the Zionist regime had announced that more army reserve forces, especially the air force, had joined the protests against Netanyahu.
Haaretz newspaper announced yesterday evening that more than 100 reserve officers at the Air Force Operations Headquarters resigned from military service.
The Cabinet of the Zionist regime headed by Netanyahu presented a plan to reform the judicial system of this regime in this year. Netanyahu, who has been on trial for years on charges of corruption, bribery and betrayal of trust, intends to escape from the trial by what he calls "judicial system reform".
Not long ago, 100 "special operations" officers of the Military Intelligence Organization of the Zionist Army (Aman) announced in a letter that they will withdraw from the army if Netanyahu's plan is fully approved.
After that, 180 squadron officers of the Zionist Air Force announced in a letter to their commanders that they will withdraw from military service in protest of the so-called "Judicial Reforms" law.
Then the protests reached the pilots of the 69th squadron of the Zionist Air Force - F15 fighters - and they informed the commander of this squadron that they will not participate in the exercises.
The Israel Hume newspaper also revealed that there are at least two other fighter squadrons where reservists are considering a move similar to what they did with 69 Squadron. One at Ramat David Air Base and the other at Tel Nof Air Base.
A few days ago, "Herzi Holloway", the new chief of staff of the Zionist regime, in a meeting with the commanders of the security and political apparatuses of the Zionist regime behind closed doors regarding the disobedience of the army soldiers and the expansion of the scope of protests against Netanyahu's cabinet, emphasized that the situation is very dangerous and if they If they cannot find a solution to this crisis, the army and (Israel) will face a difficult dilemma.
He demanded to keep the army away from political games and social disputes and described the expansion of the scope of refusing to serve the Zionist military as the downfall and the beginning of the end of the Zionist regime.
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