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"Government, People, Neighbors and International Assemblies" are the four effective factors in reducing migration statistics/ Westerners tried to distract the Afghan woman from her main duties
Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Hussaini Mazari, head of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center and Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) during the ceremony on the seventh day of the death of Mrs. Rahela Sadat Mozrabi in holy Mashhad, during a speech on several important responsibilities of women in the family and community environment, the four factors of people's migration He discussed the duties of the government, people, neighbors and international organizations abroad in reducing the wave of migration and also presented some solutions in this regard.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Holy Mashhad: Hojjat-ul-Islam Wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari during the ceremony on the seventh day of the death of Mrs. Rahela Sadat Mozrabi in the gathering of hundreds of mourning men and women in Mashhad, stating that women have several important duties in the family and several important duties in the community. Dared said: Having a wife is the first family duty of a woman, because if a woman can perform this duty correctly based on the principles of Islam and Sharia, both she, her husband and her family will be successful.
He mentioned; It is a woman's duty to support her husband in various economic, political, social and cultural situations. In every field where a man is responsible and present, a woman should also be by his side and provide the means of peace and comfort, growth and progress as well as support for the man in all fields.
Housekeeping is the second duty of women in the family, which Hussaini Mazari pointed out and said: the second duty of a woman is housekeeping, although the main manager and manager of the house is a man, but in fact, the internal manager in the house is a woman, and a woman should be involved in managing the home and family and perform his duties properly. In any family where a woman has a good management, that family will be strong, calm, prosperous and have a good economy and excellent culture with appropriate social relations.
The head of Tebyan Center emphasized that a society is formed by families coming together and said: In general, if women perform well in managing families, we will have a good society as a result. A society consists of families. Hundreds, thousands and millions of families come together and form a community, so if all families are successful in our society and are well managed by the lady of the family in terms of religion, ethics and worship, it is natural that a good community and We will enjoy it.
Hussaini Mazari pointed out that women have been transformative throughout history in both positive and negative directions: Women have been pioneers as the main driving force in struggles. If women were not good, our 124,000 prophets and infallibles and great historical figures such as Imam Khomeini would not have been born from their wombs. Those who create change in the world today are raised by mothers who managed their families correctly; But on the other hand, mothers who did not perform their duties properly have also made history, but in a negative and bad way, Yazidis and all those who are involved.
A society consists of families. Hundreds, thousands and millions of families come together and form a community, so if all families are successful in our society and are well managed by the lady of the family in terms of religion, ethics and worship, it is natural that a good community and we will enjoy it. They are stained with the blood of nations, they are born of mothers who did not fulfill their duties well.
This expert on social issues considered having children as the third and most important duty of women and said: "Unfortunately, in recent years, the bad culture of two children is enough in some societies of the Islamic world for the first time prevailed in Iran, which also affected the society of Afghanistan, while this The plan was completely arrogant and colonial. However, due to the fact that Muslim societies need to increase the number of people, therefore any woman who can work and make efforts in the field of having children is definitely a successful woman and is a woman who receives the attention of Allah and the infallible imams, peace be upon them, and such a woman is one of the He has performed his important duties correctly.
He pointed out: Western women are aware of the issue and we see that their celebrity women have 6 to 7 and 8 children and they are proud of the media, but those who became celebrities in the Islamic world, such as actors and footballers, are in such a terrible situation that a woman can't wait. She lives with a man for a few years and separates from him and marries another man, and she is constantly breaking up, and when it comes to parenting, she has no plan. On the other hand, we see many people in society whose beards and hair have turned white and are still single and unmarried.
Hussaini Mazari continued: "There should be propaganda in the matter of encouraging the generation of Jeddah, the educators, writers, teachers and professors of our university should form a national movement and work in this direction." Our scholars and personalities should advertise so that women pay serious and urgent attention to the issue of having children. We must get rid of the dangers of premature aging. If our people and Islamic society continue like this, our society will age in the next few years. A country that does not have a young force easily becomes a colony of foreigners and presents its house, land and capital to others.
The head of Tebyan Center mentioned raising children as the fourth duty of women and said: Mother has a very important role in raising children. If the mother does not raise the children, the father cannot be noble in this area, because usually the mother is more in touch with the children. According to Hussaini Mazari, if women they leave the country due to emigration and leave their houses and facilities and take over the rest.
He mentioned governments as the first factor and party that can stop the upward trend of immigration and said: We have had several governments in the past two decades, none of them did anything to reduce immigration, but also created the ground for the flood of immigrants to more abroad. Now it is the turn of the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic Emirate, which has been a unified government until now, and the administration of this Emirate in relation to Afghanistan has gone very well so far and very positive things have been done in all fields, now it has the duty to stop the fields of emigration abroad.
Hussaini Mazari continued: If the cause of immigration is security, the Islamic Emirate should declare freedom so that whoever opposes and whoever agrees can enter Afghanistan. If the cause of economic migration is economic, employment opportunities must be provided in Afghanistan, first for the nationals of the country, then for the immigrants who live abroad to return to the country. If the reason is the seduction of smugglers, they should become accomplices and be severely punished. Of course, there is no belief factor for migration in the current situation, because we don't have belief, religious and scholastic problems like before in Afghanistan, even the Tebyan center, which is a Shia center with the explicit idea of religious authority, has no problem to operate inside the country.
The head of the Tebyan Center pointed out: The second group and party that can work in the issue of preventing immigration are the people. People should be alert and have political analysis, people should resist Afghanistan's enemies in all fields. Now, whether this enemy is Daesh, Al-Qaeda, or any other combat group, we must have a serious presence and not be fooled by the enemy's propaganda.
Addressing the immigrants who live abroad, he said: Those who are abroad, if they have the capacity, they should try to transfer at least a part of their facilities and capacities inside and in Afghanistan, if they cannot return completely.
Hussaini Mazari considered the other factor contributing to the reduction of migration abroad to Afghanistan's neighbors and said: neighboring countries, especially Iran and Pakistan, and other countries that are affected by the issue of migration and the harms of migration have spread to them, should help the Afghan government. . They should concentrate their resources inside Afghanistan and help the Afghan government in terms of security and economy. They should take over the fields of entrepreneurship and job creation inside Afghanistan, because creating jobs in Afghanistan is beneficial to the neighbors, and in this case, the wave of migration will also decrease.
He added: "The neighboring countries, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran, spend the same expenses that they spend in Iran and spend the same expenses inside Afghanistan, and they will also get rid of the security and political consequences of the arrival of immigrants." Whether inside the country or in Iran, the economy will be consumed, but there will be political and security consequences as well, because ISIS, Al-Qaeda and intelligence forces of other countries may come to Iran and cause problems in the name of immigrants.
International organizations, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Security Council and the powerful countries of the world, are on the other hand effective in reducing the wave of Afghan migration abroad, which Hussaini Mazari pointed out and said: including the United Nations Commissioner, the Security Council and the powerful countries of the world, even if they do not want to, but they must move in one direction or another in order to create more stability by helping the return of immigrants and helping the Afghan government, because the fields of job creation in the field of mining and There is a lot of agriculture and livestock in the country and very good things can be done.
In the end, the head of Tebyan Center pointed out that if concentration is done in Afghanistan, it will become one of the richest countries in Asia, and noted that this matter will be possible in the hands of the Afghan people and the Afghan government. By following the above solutions, it is possible to prevent migration abroad and make Afghanistan slowly move towards peace, stability, security and prosperity.
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