Publish dateSaturday 1 April 2023 - 11:13
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45.1% of ARI cases involve children under 5
45.1 percent of cases of acute respiratory infections in Afghanistan involve children. The World Health Organization (WHO) said.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, Since October 2022, of the total 4,353,661 ARI cases reported, representing 13.3 percent of the total population of Afghanistan, 45.1 percent have afflicted children under five years of age, the report said.

In addition, ARI cases have increased since 2022 compared to the average of the previous three years.

The report also said that in the last month of February, over 828,000 ARI cases were newly reported.

Afghanistan experienced one of the coldest winters this year in decades. WHO’s report said that following emergencies, an estimated 17 percent of impacted adults experience mild to moderate psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.
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